Wow! Grace Jones Banned For Life From Walt Disney World Over THIS…

Posted On : August 10, 2015

fb grace jones Grace Jones, most commonly known for her risque, over-the-top performances, managed to earn herself on Walt Disney World’s (Florida) ‘Banned-for-life’ list in 1998.

Grace was 50 years old when she got banned and now at the age of 67 she still might very likely do the exact same thing that got her banned in the first place- flashing her breasts to the general public (in front of the kiddies too) while performing on stage. One question: When Walt Disney World welcomed Grace Jones into their home, did they not know who she was?!! Moving on…
grace jones7

Her sex-driven concerts have calmed down a tad bit though because at least she’s not showing up at public events butt-naked, wearing just a string of bones around her neck, as she did in the late 70’s when she attended an uppity French Parliament party with a couple of her supermodel friends, Jessica Lange and Jerry Hall.
Grace Jones blog pic

Grace said that her rebelliousness developed after she witnessed how her family treated one of her her brothers, Christian, because he “walked too swishy.” When Christian fell out with their parents because of social differences (they were very religious and disagreed with him “walking swishy,” as well as him wanting a career in music as a DJ), she took her…

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