Wow! Have U Seen The 90’s Group Zhane Lately? See What They’re Doing Now!

Posted On : February 26, 2016

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Remember Zhane? They were part of Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit collective and they had everybody rockin’ to their jam “Groove Thang” back in ’93. If that still doesn’t ring a bell for you the lyrics went something like “We’re moving on keeping strong, don’t you let them stir you wrong, it’s a groove thang/ We’re gonna give you what you want just as long as you’re around it’s a groove thang…” Now you remember don’t you? Thought so. They also had hits like “Hey Mr. DJ,” “Sending My Love,” and “Shame.”

We received several requests from our ILOSM family asking about what Zhane has been up to lately and we were asking ourselves the same thing. So we did some diggin’ and we found out a few interesting things about them. For one, they are no longer a group, but they are both still creating music and making a lot of these youngins out here look real amateurish in comparison.

Zhane consisted of Renee Neufville and Jean Norris-Baylor, before we get into what else Jean and Renee are doing, do you see how beautiful they still are? Lawd Ha’mercy, time has been kind to these ladies. Check them out below…

Former Zhane members: (L) Reness; (R) Jean Baylor
Former Zhane members: (L) Renee Neufville ; (R) Jean Norris-Baylor


Jean now performs with she and her husband’s band, The Baylor Project. Her husband is jazz drummer, Marcus Baylor their band’s style of music is a fusion of jazz and soul, and it is off the hook!  In addition to performing with the band, Jean and Marcus have a blast enjoying the marriage life, this year (2016) they will hit their 14th year of wedded bliss. Give it up for REAL love!
Jean Baylor performing with her band, The Baylor Project
Jean Baylor performing with her band, The Baylor Project
Jean Baylor (formerly of Zhane) nd her husband, Marcus Baylor
Jean Baylor (formerly of Zhane) nd her husband, Marcus Baylor

Like we said, The Baylor Project’s music is beautiful. Check out there video below to see what we mean and Jean’s voice is as flawless as it ever was…

now4Renee Neufville was a part of Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor band for many years after Zhane split and now she is doing solo performances and constantly tearing up any stage that she touches. She sometimes taps into her Jamaican roots within her performances, adding a touch of flavor to her style and we love it. Here are two clips of Renee cuttin’ up on stage…

As you can see, neither of them are still rockin’ their signature low haircuts they hit the scene with in the 90’s. They’ve changed it up a bit, but Jean said that at the time, their hairstyle was more for convenience, they didn’t even realize they were starting a trend:
“We were in college at the time, and I used to play lacrosse. It was hard to keep my hair right. I remember telling Renee, ‘you know what? I need a change. I gotta do something to this hair.’ But it was too expensive to get it done. She came up with the bright idea of me chopping all my hair off. I was like, are you crazy! But we ended up doing it anyway. I remember she took me to [NYC] for the weekend to a well known natural hair care place, and they cut all my hair off. Renee got the S-curl because it was coming into style back then. When it was time to get our image together we were like, we don’t really have an image. We look totally different. She’s tall, I’m short and we’re different complexions. We just decided maybe we should keep our hair short. Low and behold, it became this big trend. We had no intentions of doing that. But it worked out to our advantage.” -Jean [singersroom]
zhane throwbackThey may not have their signature low cuts anymore, but they still have those smooth signature voices no doubt.

We don’t know about y’all, but I think these ladies both deserve their props. They are the kind of artists who are continuing to hone their skills and deserve to be heard by the masses. We’re very happy to see Renee and Jean still going strong and although they’re not together anymore, it would be great to see a reunion just for old time’s sake. Anyways, can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them and in the meantime, these youngins in the music industry need to take notes! See more pics of Jean and Renee on the next page…

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