Many Stunned By What LeVar Burton Did When Tests Proved This Is His Son

Posted On : June 18, 2017

If you’re from the Old School, you’re pretty familiar with LeVar Burton. No matter which Old School era you come from, he was there- regardless of if you are most familiar with him from the powerful 70’s miniseries, Roots, or the 80’s era Reading Rainbow – you know him well. The thing you probably didn’t know about, is what happened when he found out that he had a son. It all started in 1980 when LeVar was at the height of his career.

levar grin

The One Night Stand That Turned Into Lifetime Blessing

Long story short, LeVar Burton had a one-night stand with a woman he didn’t really know…no big deal right? Things happen and they were both consenting adults. The thing LeVar didn’t know was that he and the young lady had procreated during their one-night stand and the result was the son you see in the above pic. Well this is what happened after LeVar eventually found out…

LeVar Burton’s son, Eian Ward Burton, was born in 1980, but apparently it wasn’t until three years later, in 1983, that he found out the child existed and what he did next is something I wish we could see more of. Instead of him denying the child, and forcing the mother of his son to have to take him to court, LeVar actually did what many men in that predicament unfortunately wouldn’t have done. He immediately took himself to court over this! Here are the details from the Washington Post:

Burton said he hadn’t even known of the child’s existence. But, according to his attorney, Gloria Allred, “after tests confirmed the child was, in fact, his, he decided to do everything possible to assume equal responsibility for his son.” He asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to grant him joint legal custody and visitation rights. He also volunteered to pay $600 a month child support[which was sufficient for that era]. “I grew up in a broken home, raised by my mother,” he explained. “I would like for (my son) to have the benefits of both parents.”

levar and young son
Levar and his son Eian Ward Burton

Now if this doesn’t deserve respect I don’t know what does! So many times, women are the ones who are left with a child to raise on their own, with no father figure in the home and typically I would say that a dude should not get a pat on the back for being a father to his child and doing what he is supposed to do anyway, but in this case I’ve gotta tip my hat to LeVar because he had no clue that one night of adult fun had produced a child, but as soon as the paternity test proved the baby was his, he immediately stepped up to the plate.
lavar and son now1

Their Relationship Today

LeVar Burton displayed a true example of what it means to stand up and be a man in my humble opinion. LeVar and his son have been closer than close ever since they met in 1983, that’s evident from the pics below.

lavar and son now

We just wanted to share this with you because this is one of those stories that proves it’s never too late to step up. Fellas (or ladies) if you have a child you have not seen in years, decades even, don’t let the fear, the hurt, the pain of what your child might make you feel, as a result of your absence from their lives, deter you from taking that next step toward making amends with your seed and spending the rest of your days attempting to genuinely right your wrongs. It’s never too late family.

lavar tweet

Here’s an Old School fun fact about LeVar Burton:
At the age of 13, LeVar entered a seminary to become a priest! Can you see “Kunta Kinte” as a priest?!! I know anything’s possible, but it’s just hard to see that one for some reason. Anyways, he dropped out of the seminary at the age of 17, because he began to question some of the teachings he was receiving.

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