Wow! Jamie Foxx Reveals What He Did For Pop Star Ed Sheeran When He Was Dead Broke

Posted On : July 12, 2017
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx recently explained what he did to help pop superstar, Ed Sheeran, before he became the multimillionaire, multi-million selling artist he is today.

Who Is Ed Sheeran?

Before we get into what Jamie did exactly, many of us Old Schoolers may be saying to ourselves, ‘Ed who?’…so let us first explain who he is. He’s the cat who’s been heating up the pop music charts lately. He’s also the guy who Xscape’s Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and their then songwriting partner, She’kspere Briggs, just got paid off of.

As we previously reported, there was recently an online outcry by fans who accused Ed of jackin’ the music of the Tiny-Kandi-She’kspere-penned TLC song, “No Scrubs,” for his hit song, “Shape of You.” After the outcry, music publishing company, ASCAP, added their three names to Sheeran’s song. That’s all water under the bridge now and as far as we know, there’s no bad blood between Sheeran and the songwriting trio. Now that we’re all caught up on who he is, check out what Jamie did for him below…

Jamie Foxx On What He Did For Sheeran

During his interview on The Graham Norton Show, Jamie revealed that he’d come across Ed Sheeran at an event in L.A., when Ed was just a struggling artist trying to get on. Ed asked Jamie to listen to his music, Jamie did so and was impressed by what he’d heard. So impressed, that he opened up his home to Ed for six weeks, because he knew that British bred singer had no place to stay in L.A. and little money:

“So he [Ed Sheeran] plays and I was like, you’re incredible,” Jamie explained. “I said listen, I know you don’t have anywhere to go just chill here.”

During his stay at Jamie’s, Fox said he put Ed to the ultimate test. He took him to perform at an event made up of 800 African American people in the audience, who were all staring at Ed as if he’d gotten lost on his way to someplace else. See what Jamie hilariously said happened next in the video below (he talks about this at the 0:47 mark)…

It’s always a beautiful thing to see celebs who’ve attained a certain level of success, reaching back to help others. Behind the scenes, Jamie is known for opening up his home to up-and-coming artists on the regular. His generosity reminds us of a quote Denzel Washington made once:

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have, or even about what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about giving back.” -Denzel Washington

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