Wow! U Gotta See This Baby When White Guy Sings R. Kelly’s Bump & Grind

Posted On : October 16, 2015

Lawd, the hoops that people jump thru to make things happen! And when this guy used R. Kelly’s “Bump & Grind” to get his baby to eat…we dropped the mic! Yes, “I don’t see nothing wrong…with some yogurt for lunchtime…”

Not only is it brilliant that he uses the lyrics from R&B greats like R. Kelly and Lionel Richie to get his baby to eat his dinner, that boy can blow! Charles Flartey from New Jersey started filming himself as he sang to his 1 year old son, Tommy. Tommy’s response is the funniest thing as he giggles all the way thru it. This is a testament to the fact that soul music has made us laugh and cry, helped to sing out our joys, express our feelings of a love or a loss. Great soul music has helped many of us to create babies, and now it’s sorta helping us to raise babies!!!

Check out his rendition of R. Kelly’s “Bump & Grind”, then Lionel Richie’s “Hello”. Three words, Hil-lari-ous!

“Turkey and cheese, I need it ‘cos I know that I’m a fiend, gonna eat it till my highchair’s clean… you taste so good to me, turkey and cheese.”

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