Wow,See The Woman Blair Underwood’s Been MARRIED To For 22 YEARS &Their KIDS

Posted On : December 21, 2016

Actor, Blair Underwood, is known for a few things- for being a sex symbol, a great actor, and maybe even a cat who makes 52 look like the new 32 – but one thing he isn’t widely known for is being a family man. Truth is, Blair is a very dedicated husband and father, see his wife and kids below…


screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-49-09-am Blair and his wife have surprisingly been married for 22 years. It's a shame that 22 years of marriage is a surprise, but unfortunately nowadays in celebrity world -well us, regular folks,' world too- finding a marriage that's survived over a two-decade hump of wedded bliss is very rare. It's also good to know because Blair had us worried when he played the abusive husband on "Madea's Family Reunion"...he played it a lil' too well, but it just goes to show how great of an actor he really is. SEE HIS WIFE & CHILDREN>>>

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