U Won’t Believe Which R&B SINGER Was MARRIED To This 80s DRUG KINGPIN!

Posted On : March 16, 2015

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At ILOSM, we always bring you Old School news with a new point of view, and like we always say: We can learn a lot from the lives of our favorite celebs- regardless of if it is what to do, or what not to do. These entertainers cannot have great success, without naturally experiencing many great failures and that’s okay, because just like the rest of us, their flawed human beings.

As is the case with a popular 80’s R&B singer who was married to a big time drug kingpin in the 80’s when her career was in full flight and he was moving more kilos than “Nino Brown” from New Jack City. This guy was known to the Hollywood world, and in the streets, as one of the biggest cocaine suppliers on the west coast and he was raking in millions of dollars. Who do you think it is?

You know what to do ILOSM family- tap that ‘Next’ button to find out…

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