10 Things U Didn’t Know About MJ’s Estate That’ll Make U FURIOUS

Posted On : May 11, 2016

Ever since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, it seems like MJ’s mother and the rest of his fam’ have been battling with MJ’s estate executors nonstop. So after this recent drama surrounding the Jackson family’s Hayvenhurst home- that they worked so hard for, but now do not own- the next obvious question we had to ask ourselves was ‘Why in the world does Katherine Jackson and her family have to fight for anything that they rightfully earned?’ Things weren’t adding up and after doing some dissecting of the long history the Jacksons have had with what they refer to as the ‘money-hungry lawyers’ running MJ’s estate, we found out some little known details that had us and a lot of other folks heated.


JERMAINE JACKSON SAYS FAMILY DID NOT WANT TO SELL MJ'S STAKE IN SONY CATALOG And the plot just keeps getting thicker! A few months ago we reported that all of MJ's stake in Sony Music's catalog (the music catalog that contained ownership of the Beatles music, Taylor Swift's, and many more that MJ fought so hard to maintain) was sold, but Jermaine has just revealed that his family apparently did NOT agree with the $750 million sale of the catalog t(hat is probably worth a few billion). Well if MJ's family didn't sign off on the sale, who in the hell did?!! Jermaine implied that it was the estate overseers (the same ones who make a percentage of all earnings in the name of MJ) who sold the estate to fatten up their pockets. Wow! Source

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