For 1st Time, Mathew Knowles Shows Pics Of His Secret Wedding To Younger Wife Who Many Thought Wouldn’t Last

Posted On : June 29, 2018

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For the first time ever, Beyonce’s and Solange’s dad, Mathew Knowles, has shared photos of his secret wedding to his wife on their 5th year anniversary. A while back, we informed y’all that while his ex-wife of 31 years, Tina Knowles-Lawson, had just started dating her now husband, actor Richard Lawson, Mathew was already happily married right up under the public’s noses. The one difference between Tina’s and Mathew’s wedding was that Bey’ and Solange only attended one of them, that’s neither here nor there though. What is important at this moment, is that we send a big congratulations to Mathew and his beautiful wife, on hitting the 5 year mark.

Many folks didn’t think they’d last for various reasons- their age difference, their quick courtship, etc.- but Mathew proudly boasted that he’s happy he proved their naysayers wrong. In two new social media videos, Mathew shared stood in front of a photo of his wife, as he delivered a message to his fans about their upcoming vow renewal and anniversary romantic getaway:

“We leave today to go on our anniversary…on our sixth year anniversary- although some people only gave us six months. … It’s an incredible, loving 5 years. And we’ll share some of that with you, we’ll renew our vows.”

In his second post, he shared photos, in a video collage, of their big day in 2013, as they said “I do” in front of a small group of family and friends. Their wedding was officiated by popular pastor, Juanita Bynum:

June 30, 2013 @iamdrjuanitabynum

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Gotta love the Lionel Richie slow jam playing in the background of that video, right? Good choice Mr. and Mrs Knowles!

Now, in case you’re wondering, who in the world is Gena Charmaine Avery? No worries, we gotchu. Scroll down to get the scoop that we previously reported about her and Mathew…

When Mathew Finally Confirmed Secret Marriage

In April 2018, Mathew finally confirmed what we told y’all several years ago- that he’s secretly been married to his wife for years. When he appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” to discuss his latest autobiographical book, “Racism From The Eyes Of A Child,” Wendy brought up his new wife, Gena Charmaine Avery. Mathew seemed slightly caught off guard, but he decided to finally tell his truths:

“Uh…most people dint even know I’m married, it’ll be five years in a few months.”

Wendy also asked Mathew if his new wife fit the same mold that his beloved mother trained him to like as a youngin’: a non-brown, nor no-dark skinned woman with, and I quote, “nappy hair.” Again, Mathew was put on the spot, but didn’t back down, simply answering with, “She’s a beautiful woman” and we couldn’t agree with him more on that.

More About Mathew Knowles’ Wife

Gena is a realtor and they were engaged in 2011 (the same year Mathew and Tina divorced), ultimately marrying on June 30, 2013. At the time, Matthew (now 66) was 61 and Gena was 48. Their wedding did NOT come without some behind the scenes family tension apparently…

Why Bey’ & Solange Skipped The Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Knowles are clearly “crazy in love, like Jay-Z and Beyonce.’ However, apparently on Mathew’s and Gena’s wedding day, Mathew’s eldest daughters’ didn’t seem so “crazy in love” with the idea of witnessing their Pops exchange vows with his new bride. How so? Because Beyonce’ and Solange pulled a no-show for Mathew’s wedding, later reportedly stating they had prior engagements they couldn’t break (yeah, okay).

But there may have been another minor factor as to why the two Knowles sisters weren’t too thrilled about Gena’s and Mathew’s wedding. You see, Gena isn’t either of the 2 baby mommas Matthew acquired in 2010, when he was still married to Bey’ and Solange’s mother, Tina.

During the time of Mathew’s 2013 wedding, there were still whispers around the industry, that his extra-curricular activities toward the end of his marriage, still had a strong, pungent taste in his daughters’ mouths. So them boycotting the wedding out of animosity for their dad at that time, wouldn’t be far-fetched, IF that were the case. THANKFULLY, today they are all in a MUCH better space and have moved passed any family drama.