Their 20 Month Marriage Was Rough, But Meet Their Pretty 22 Yr Old Daughter

Posted On : September 24, 2018

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Martin Lawrence and his ex-wife, Patricia, did things pretty quickly when they were together: They dated for just about one year before getting married in 1995 and they divorced just 20 months later. Their marriage was rocky and they both moved on.

Martin re-married (and divorced again) and Pat has been married to an iconic NFL player for many years. Through it all, Martin and Pat have raised a beautiful daughter together, who is now 22! Lawd, where did the time go?!! Check her out now…

When we saw recent pics of Martin and Pat’s (pictured in above 90’s photo) daughter, we realized that she, too, is a reminder of things happening fast, seems like just yesterday she was the kid strolling down the red carpets with her daddy. Anyways, their lil’ girl is very pretty and she’s taking steps toward carving out a name for herself.


martin daughter and them

Meet the beautiful 22-year-old, Jasmine Lawrence. Doesn’t she look like her daddy? Jasmine is getting her grown woman on now. She attended Duke University and is a proud member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

One thing is evident about Jasmine though- she LOVES her some Martin and Patricia, and often pays them homage on social media. Jasmine also LOVES her other siblings- Martin has two more children and Pat has four more children with her NFL hubby. SEE ALL OF THEM BELOW…


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Here’s Jasmine with all of her siblings except one (her brother): Amara & Iyanna on the left (Martin and ex-wife Shamicka Gibb’s kids); and Rheaghan and Skylar on the right – SEE WHO MARTIN’S EX IS MARRIED TO NOW…


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Patricia married NFL legend, Emmit Smith, in 2000. They have two children together and a reality TV show on the OWN Network.

Pat recently revealed, on the “Dr. Phil” Show, that she and Emmit almost didn’t make it to the altar because just before their wedding date, Emmit told her he’d gotten his ex-girlfriend pregnant. They went to counseling, worked it out, and now Pat has a great relationship Emmit’s other child, Rheaghan, as well.

Pat also has a new autobiographical book, Second Chances, that just hit shelves a few years ago and in it, she covers both of her marriages to Martin and Emmit.