60 Year Old Madonna Twerks Her Much Larger Rear & Fans Wish They Could Unsee It

Posted On : July 3, 2019

So, the other day Madonna was in a New York City nightclub, celebrating World Pride 2019 with her entourage. While there, the free-spirited singer was feeling extra free once Cardi B’s joint, “I Like It,” blasted through the speakers. At first Madonna danced seductively from her seat as seen in the first video…


Then Madonna got hype (in the below video) and hiked her fishnet laced, legs up against the wall while standing in a handstand position. She then proceeded to unsuccessfully twerk her high shorts covered, newly enhanced butt to the beat. Some of the onlookers cheered her on and pretended to smack her butt as she tried her hand at twerkin.’ It was an entertaining sight to witness…..check it out below…


Though the struggle is real for Madonna’s twerking incapabilities, she is not alone in that struggle. Fellow entertainers, Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus, have also recently tried their hands at twerking. Unfortunately, as also seen in the video up top (swipe let) , their twerk attempts were also unsuccessfully whole food seasoned.

Reactions From Fans Were Priceless…
As expected, fans could not wait to weight in on what they’d just seen in Madonna’s video, as well as Igyy’s and Miley’s…now many fans actually wish they could unsee it. Below are a sample of the thousands of comments the twerk video has garnered online [via The Shaderoom] …

keaira******: I’m calling the cops

cheena******: Madonna is the casserole, Iggy is the unseasoned chicken and Miley is the raisin potato salad.

onlya*****: Well madonna shook what she had

melaninmak********: Not an ounce of seasoning across THE BOOOOAAARRRRDDDDDD!!!!

chakalata_s******: All of em was Subpar!! But since Madonna popped it on a headstand at her age … it’s a Win for her. ‍♀️

aphric*****: Is this a new challenge or something?? Cos I’m not understanding

Giving all three ladies an ‘A’ for effort though. However, Madonna gets an A+ because at 60 years young, her ability to do a headstand against a wall is hella impressive.