60 Year Old Madonna Twerks Her Her Much Larger Rear & Fans Wish They Could Unsee It

Posted On : July 3, 2019

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Before I keep it real with you ILOSM fam, here’s a quick PSA: I have nothing but love for the legendary Madonna…but not her twerking capabilities. With that said, let’s dig into what we’ve all learned about her in the past year or so: (1) Her buns are bigger than they in ever were; (2) Tupac dated and broke up with her from prison; (3) After four decades in the music game, she still knows how to draw attention.

Now, that brings us to the fourth fun fact about the “Like A Virgin” O.G.. That is, at 60 years young, Madonna ought not NEVER ever, ever twerk, nor do so while in a headstand position. Why? Well folks, it has nothing to necessarily do with her 60 years young age, but rather everything to do with the fact that…well, she simply doesn’t know HOW to twerk. Thus, she should leave it up to the creators of that culture who have the natural abilities to make it clap in the best way.

Regardless of my opinion about Madonna’s twerking incapabilities, pretty sure the “Material Girl” couldn’t care less what any pf us think about it. That was evident in her latest twerk-headstand video which she’s now shared publicly, with no shame in her game at all…

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