This 70s Actress Lived A Great Life, But See How She Died A Tragic Death

Posted On : April 29, 2016


If you were watching 70’s TV shows back in the day, or even if you weren’t and can spot a true legend when you see one, then you probably recognize the “Get Christie Love” TV show star- the beautiful singer turned actress, Teresa Graves who was known for her infamous line, “You’re under arrest shugah.” Teresa’sĀ another one of our gems in entertainment, who made an impact on mainstream media, but who is oftentimes forgotten by mainstream media and that’s why we’re shedding a well deserved spotlight on her short, yet impactful life today. Although Teresa made history in 1974 when she became the first African American actress to star in her own one hour TV drama, she spent her later years incognito, living in her Inglewood, Ca. home caring for her ill mother, for years and those who knew her later in life, never knew she was a star…she never told them and they only found out after her tragic death…


SEE THE SHOCKING CAREER TERESA GRAVES HAD & HOW SHE SUDDENLY DIED In the mid 70s, Teresa was at the height of her career- she'd just had great success with the film "Get Christie Love," where she played a tough, sexy police agent and it was so successful that it was turned into a TV show in 1974. She was also singing and performing with the likes of Bob Hope and others. But then she had a MAJOR life change that shocked everyone and caused her to walk away from the industry>>>

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