90’s Actor Was Murdered After Committing Double Murders In Real Life

Posted On : April 15, 2015
Actor Lloyd Avery II (L); "Boyz N' The Hood" movie (R)
Actor Lloyd Avery II (L); “Boyz N’ The Hood” movie (R)

Most of us never knew his name, but we knew his face from his small, but memorable role in Boyz N’ The Hood. His name was Lloyd Avery II (pictured in the above photo on the left) and his Boyz N’ The Hood character was the street thug who killed “Ricky” [Morris Chestnut] as he was running for his life down that alley, on his way home from picking up a few groceries from the store.

Well Lloyd sadly ended up living out that real life scenario – his actions landed him in prison, serving time for a double murder and he ultimately was murdered in 2005. Lloyd’s brother, actor Che Avery, gave the details of how Lloyd went from being an up and coming actor from a quiet middle class neighborhood, to a real life gang member: (courtesy of King Magazine)

Che [Lloyd Avery II’s brother and actor] remembers the helicopters being louder than usual and seeing a lot of foot traffic out front. Lloyd was with his bike in the kitchen, where he gave his brother a hug, last night’s situation already forgotten [when Lloyd almost confided in Che that he had just killed 2 people], and then left through the back door. Riding on Crescent Heights Boulevard, he made a U-turn and pulled up to the driver’s side of a police car.

Actors/brothers Che Avery (L) and Lloyd Avery (R) in "Poetic Justice" movie scene

Lloyd leaned down, brazenly asked, “What’s up?” and released his grasp from the handlebars of his aluminum Mongoose. The officer opened his door, and Lloyd stumbled. He quickly recovered and sped west in an attempt to elude the cops but soon collided with another police vehicle. He was arrested for a double homicide.  Read more details on page #2>>>

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