Roland Martin Drags Mo’Nique Online When She Insinuates He Doesn’t Stand For Black Women

Posted On : January 27, 2018

Comedian Mo’Nique and her husband, Sydney Hicks, created a podcast video where they called people out for not standing with them in the Netflix Boycott. In doing so, they opened up a can of worms and now other people in Black Hollywood are explaining why Mo’Nique is having a difficult time in Hollywood.

'Bessie' New York Screening
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 29: Actress Mo’Nique (L) and husband Sidney Hicks arrive for the New York screening of ‘Bessie’ held at The Museum of Modern Art on April 29, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic)

Journalist and pop culture expert, Jawn Murray, went live on Facebook to address the Mo’Nique’s Netflix issue. He also took the moment to address the comments that Mo’Nique made on his Twitter page, where he challenged her statement that she’s the most ‘decorated comedian.’

You see, when Mo’Nique was on “Sway In The Morning” radio show, she made a statement that she was the ‘most decorated comedian’ alive and Murray disagreed with that statement. Calling her statements alternative facts, Murray posted images of Whoopi Goldberg  and shared that she is in fact the most decorated comedian. Mo’Nique questioned his comments stating that Whoopi Goldberg was not a comedian. Again, Murray disagreed and revealed that Mo’Nique was dismissing Goldberg’s accomplishments.

Taking to his Facebook page to go live, Murray revealed that he blocked an Oscar winner on Twitter. Sitting in front of his awards, the entertainment journalist read an email that film producer, Will Packer, sent to Mo’Nique’s husband, Sidney. Packer was the executive producer for the film, Almost Christmas.

As Murray read Packer’s email in his podcast, viewers learned that Packer decided to give Mo’Nique a chance, even though he was warned by people in Hollywood that she was ‘difficult’ to work with. Despite the rumors that Mo’Nique and husband were difficult to deal with, Packer shares, in his email, that his team went out of their way to ensure that Mo’Nique was comfortable. Murray stated that he was not a gossip reporter, as Mo’Nique called him, but that he is a journalist, who deals with facts. As he read the email that Packer reportedly sent to Mo’Nique’s husband, Sidney Hicks, Packer informed Hicks that he and Mo’Nique reportedly treated employees on the set horribly, leading Packer to advise them to direct their anger towards him because he’s the “HNIC.”  The phrase “HNIC” apparently offended Hicks and Mo’Nique, and they allegedly filed a complaint against Packer with Universal Studios. Disappointed with their behavior, Packer claims that Mo’Nique and Sidney tried to get more money from Universal.

While Murray agreed that there is a racial and gender bias issue when it comes to pay in Hollywood, he says this is not the case with Mo’Nique.

Check Out Jawn Murray’s Facebook Live Video Below:

Roland Martin Slams Mo’Nique After She Questions Him On Twitter

During Murray’s podcast, journalist and political commentator, Roland Martin, commented, on the live video, that Mo’Nique was being “ethered.” Martin then took to Twitter to encourage Mo’Nique to do some self reflection after Packer’s email seemed to support claims that Mo’Nique is the problem. Then, Mo’Nique made the decision to question Martin on his fight for equality, in regards to African-American women. In a series of tweets, Martin pretty much dropped the mic as he delivered some hard truths to the Oscar winner.


We can all probably expect to hear a new podcast soon from Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, about this situation. Only time will tell.