All Grown Up: Chante Moore & Kadeem Hardison’s Daughter Is Gorgeous At 24 Now

Posted On : September 29, 2020
Throwback photo of singer, Chante Moore and actor, Kadeem Hardison, with their daughter, who is now 24 years old

So we all remember when singer, Chante Moore and actor, Kadeem Hardison a.k.a. “Dwayne-Wayne” from Different World, were married right? If you didn’t know, they secretly married in 1997 and ultimately got divorced in 2000, but their union produced a beautiful daughter in 1996.

We just so happened to come across some photos of Kadeem Hardison’s mother, former supermodel Bethann Hardison, with a young lady who looked a lot like her, and we were all like ‘Well we know she’s not her daughter, so who is she?’ After looking a little closer at the pic, we realized she is Kadeem’s and Chante’s lil’ girl, except she isn’t so ‘lil’ anymore.

Check Her Out Now…

Sophia Hardison, daughter of Chante Moore and Kadeem Hardison

See what we mean?!! Her name is Sophia Hardison and she’s a 24 year old beautiful young lady, who looks exactly like her Daddy and her Mom!

Her parents, Chante and Kadeem, never rekindled their relationship as far as we know, but they still have a beautiful friendship, as was displayed on Chante’s reality TV show, R&B Divas, a few years ago and they’re also doing a great job co-parenting.

Sophia Hardison

Chante Moore & Daughter Send Hilarious Birthday Wishes To Kadeem…
OnJuly 24, 2020, Kadeem made his 55th orbit around the sun. Sophia posted a photo and video tribute (below) to her pops online, which included her mom, Chante Moore as well. Sophia captioned the following b-day posts with the following message:

“Happy Birthday to my favorite Papi in the whole world! My mom and I wanted to make a video to say how much we love you and I included some bloopers if you keep swiping 😂 So fitting, really because you are one of the funniest people I know and we have nothing but laughs when we’re all together. Wishing you an amazing birthday and many more to come @kadeemhardison 🖤🖤🖤”

Kadeem Hardison with daughter, Sophia

Then came Sophia and Chante’s comical b-day video:

The daughter/mommy duo seem to be so much alike. It’s a beautiful thing to see exes, Chante and Kadeem, still maintaining their closely knit friendship after so many years.

And there you have it folks, just in case you needed a quick reminder of just how fast time flies by, here it is. These kids seemed to have grown overnight!

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