A Music Icon Wrote A Raunchy ’80s Hit Song About “Forget-Me-Nots” Singer Patrice Rushen?

Posted On : February 2, 2023
Patrice Rushen

The ’80s “Forget Me Nots” hitmaker/musician, Patrice Rushen, reportedly had a mega-superstar trying to get with her back in the day. Apparently she wasn’t really feelin’ him in that way, but it’s been said that he wanted her so badly, he even wrote a song about her. You know the song very well, because it was a big hit for him.

He’s more than just an R&B icon, he’s a world icon, who stepped into the music game in the late ’70s. Keep on scrolling to find out who…

OMG! Prince Wrote His Hit Song For Patrice Rushen???

It’s ‘The Purple One’…Prince! Yep, the word on the Old School curb is that he wanted Patrice Rushen something serious! But he just wasn’t successful in his conquests, so he ended up  dealing with his urge for the woman affectionately known as “Babyfingers,” in the best way he knew how. He wrote a hit song about her, which was the ’80s jam, “I Wanna Be Your Lover.”

You’ve gotta love this dude for being straight to the point with the ladies. Ms. Rushen isn’t the only known singer he wrote a hit song about by the way, there was one more.

It’s understandable why Prince was reportedly so attracted to Patrice Rushen though – not only is she a very pretty woman, they both have a strong passion for great musicianship and are very gifted artists/musicians themselves. So they would have bonded on a much deeper level. It would have been interesting to see them as a power couple back in the day, but we’ll settle for the timeless Old School CLASSICS they both graced us with us instead.

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