Abdul-Jabbar Spoke Out Years After Pam Grier Revealed He Humiliated Her During Relationship

Posted On : March 17, 2021
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Pam Grier

ILOSM fam,’ a few years ago we shared excerpts with you all from actress, Pam Grier’s, 2010 autobiography, “Foxy: My Life In Three Acts,” in which she discussed her prior relationship with NBA legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. She exposed the ways he’d “humiliated” her, as a result of his Muslim beliefs and what ultimately broke them up. Well, little did we know, Kareem had a lot to get off of his chest about what Pam wrote.  So without further ado, see what the brotha had to say below…

What Pam Grier Revealed About Kareem

In her book, Pam Grier confirmed that she and Kareem were in a serious relationship for years in their 20’s. Although she says they’ve remained great friends, their relationship ended after Kareem converted to Islam and pressured her to change her life, her attire, and wear hijabs, while covering herself from head to toe. He also suddenly wanted her to marry him, give up her career, and offered her a position to be his main wife, among the other wives he was planning on marrying under his newfound faith, according to Pam. She also said Kareem embarrassed her in front of his friends when they were dating…

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Pam Grier: “One day, I awaited for my boyfriend-Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his Malibu home, he was returning from several road games and he was now a Muslim. When he came through the door with his friends (they had also converted), I ran up to hug him, he moved back, as if I had bad breath or a contagious skin disease. ‘Nice to see you, Pam,’ he said. And that was it.

Now that they had converted, they could speak to me, but there was no touching allowed. No intimate or personal conversations. In fact, I wasn’t supposed to speak to them at all, unless I was answering specific questions. I stood their awkwardly, when Kareem said in a quiet voice, ‘You’re supposed to leave the room now, Pam.’ I walked out of the room feeling upset and humiliated.”

Pam said Kareem ended up getting pissed off with her:

PG: “Suddenly, Kareem was standing at the door to the bedroom grinning, ‘Can you make us some sandwiches?’ he asked. After I made the sandwiches, he said, ‘You have to go now, you can take your sandwich with you.’

I left and walked towards Malibu beach. I changed into a halter top and cutoffs. One of Kareem’s friends saw me and called him.

Kareem was irate when I got back home, and he read me the riot act about disgracing him on the beach. He said, ‘You have to be covered. Arms, legs, and head. Only your hands can be seen.’ Needless to say, our relationship didn’t last much longer after this incident.

Pam says the final straw was when Kareem told her, “If you don’t commit to me today, I’m getting married at 2:00 this afternoon. She’s a converted Muslim and she’s been prepared for me.” 

Kareem’s Response To Grier’s Claims

In 2015, five years after Pam Grier exposed the details of their relationship’s demise, Kareem wrote a lengthy statement on Facebook. Here’s part of what Kareem said…
On his religious and personal growth since his youth:

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“Almost half a century ago I became a Muslim. Given my youth and newness to the religion, I embraced the most orthodox teachings because that’s what I was taught. But, like most people, my beliefs and practices evolved over time as I matured. Not many of us would like to be judged by our behavior in our youth. Not many of us can look back on things we said, thought, or did without cringing and wishing we could travel back in time to tell that younger version to wise up.
To set the record straight: I am still a Muslim. I have never regretted that decision. However, my views on what a Muslim is and how he or she should behave have gone through changes.”

 According to Kareem, he and Pam didn’t break up because of his religious views, even though Pam said the total opposite:

“Pam and I parted as friends, and the reason we parted was not religion-based but career-based. She was a thriving actress who needed to live in Los Angeles and I was an NBA player living in Milwaukee. Like a lot of couples, we couldn’t make the long-distance relationship work.”

He then challenged everyone reading this, to pretty much raise their hands if they’ve NEVER done anything in their 0’s that they  regret:

“…To set the record straight: I don’t agree with a lot of things that the twenties Kareem believed. […]  I no longer hold those orthodox views and haven’t for decades. […]  Christianity itself has gone through several reformations over the centuries. Do most people practice the absolute word of their holy books, or do they practice the spirit?
While I admit to have done a few jerkish things in my twenties, let he or she who is without youthful jerkiness cast the first tweet.”

And there ya’ have it ILOSM fam.’ The one thing Kareem and Pam seem to be on the same page about, is the fact that they are still friends.