Actress Tamala Jones Tells What Boss MADE Her Do After BRAIN ANEURYSM

Posted On : August 26, 2016

Actress, Tamala Jones (41), best known for her roles on “The Wood,” “Booty Call,” Two Can Play That Game,” and in the recent comedy-drama series, “Castle,” revealed what happened when she suffered a life threatening brain aneurysm in her early 20’s and what her boss made her do at that time.


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.30.16 PM Below Tamala explained what happened before she realized she was having an aneurysm:

"[I woke] up one morning with a massive headache; feeling like I had to use the bathroom, like I had to urinate really bad. When I got out of bed I had no balance. I was walking on my toes and I was stomping. I had no control over my body weight. I looked in the mirror and I’m telling you two seconds after I looked in that mirror I dropped and hit the floor."
"I kept hearing myself tell myself, “Get up, get up now. Get up, get up, get up…,” and I kind of woke up as if somebody shook me out of a sleep, and the whole right side of my body was numb."
She was working on a movie at that time and this is what happened when she tried to call in ill...
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