After Admitting To Hitting Wives, Terrence Howard CLAPS BACK w/THREAT To Media!

Posted On : March 26, 2017

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Terrence Howard is thoroughly pissed off with “the media” for reporting what he refers to as “half truths’ about his admission to abusing two of his past wives.

If you missed our recent report regarding Howard’s new People Magazine interview, then you also missed the parts where T. Howard a.k.a. “Lucious Lyon” discussed his recovery from his violent ways toward women, that he now understands as being the results of baggage from his childhood:

Via People: “I’ve made terrible mistakes throughout my life.” […] “I was dragging baggage with me that was crippling me mentally and physically. But I finally feel I can put that to rest. I can breathe again.” -Terrence Howard, People

Terrence Howard and his current wife, Mira
Terrence Howard and his current wife, Mira

The People article noted Terrence’s admissions about being violent toward two of his ex-wives in the past, but now Terrence is clapping back at that report and any other news source that reported HIS words. So let’s back up for a second to cover what he’s admitted to publicly and then we’ll show you his clap backs at the media.

Howard’s Admissions

In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Howard admitted to abusing two of his ex-wives during altercations…

On the abuse incident with first wife and second wife (they married twice), Lori McCommas

Terrence and his first wife, Lori McCommas
Terrence and his first wife (and second), Lori McCommas

Via Rolling Stone: That time in 2001 when he [Terrence Howard] was arrested for slugging his first wife [Lori McCommas] (who he married in 1989, divorced in 2003 remarried in 2005, and divorced again in 2007), which led to a guilty plea for disorderly conduct? According to the police report, he had “punched her twice with a closed fist.” About that one, he is contrite. “She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids,” he says. “Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong.”

On the 2013 abuse incident with third wife, Michelle Ghent

Terrence Howard and his second (and third) wife, Michelle Ghent
Terrence Howard and his third wife, Michelle Ghent

Ghent filed a lawsuit (which is currently going through an appeals process) against Terrence and a photo also surfaced of her black eye, which she claims Howard gave her during a 2013 altercation in Costa Rica. But as we previously reported, Howard maintains that he hit her in self defense:

Via Rolling Stone: And what happened in Costa Rica with Ghent? “She was trying to Mace me,” [Howard] says, “and you can’t see anything so all you can do is try to bat somebody away, and I think that something caught her. But I wasn’t trying to hit her.”


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