After All These Years, Sadly, Lil Kim Has Never Received That One Award She Really Deserves

Posted On : April 19, 2019

The Original Queen Bee of the Mic & Fashion

Lots of Artist have been showstoppers with unique looks, gracing our red carpets for years. But before there was Lady Gaga, Kim K, JLO and Katy Perry making jaws drop on the red carpet…there was the “Queen Bee,” Lil Kim.

The 44-year-old rap star has been referred to as the Muva to the new generation of female rappers. They have been inspired lyrically and let’s face it…when it comes to Kim’s fashion choices too.

Over the years fans and celebrities alike have paid tribute to Lil Kims style and fashion. Beyoncé expressed her love for the rapper’s fashion with a tribute photo shoot replicating some of her best looks. “Hip Hop would not be the same without our Original Queen Bee,” the Coachella singer wrote on her Instagram.

Then there was Rihanna, who channeled her fashion icon by wearing all-green Versace at the iHeart Radio Awards in 2015. It actually inspired her whole outfit she wore during her “B**tch Betta Have My Money” performance.

“There are a lot of nineties supermodels that I love and I’m inspired by—but Lil’ Kim, for me, she had so many different looks,” said the pop star to Vogue.

Then there’s Cardi B has recognized the style icon, paying homage to her fashion influence for her “Money” video.

“All of the looks were inspired by some of Lil’ Kim‘s looks. Cardi definitely pays homage to Lil Kim in the video which is cool about her,” costume designer Laurel DeWitt told Hollywood Life in December 2018.

Many stars have paid tribute to the notorious rapper, who has not only dominated many high-end fashion brands. She also brought attention to up-and-coming labels who peaked in popularity thanks to her mentioning them in her lyrical rhymes.

We Still Pay Tribute!

It’s amazing how the world has acknowledged and paid tribute to the Queen all of these year. Yet sadly, Lil Kim has been left out when it comes to receiving the accolades she deserves. She was the first to bridge the gap between rappers and the fashion world.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez was named the 2019 recipient of CDFA’s “Fashion Icon Award,” and Twitter erupted with disappointment that the “Queen Bee” has yet to be acknowledged.

Stefflon said it best, in the countdown accompanying her post. You already know who inspired me,” she questioned rhetorically, “You already know who started this, You already know what she has done, You already know who the real QUEEN is!” Lil Kim’s Nine is expected to drop in May, keep it peeled.