After Backlash, Michelle Williams’ Fiance’ Responds Regarding His Alleged Controversial Beliefs

Posted On : April 26, 2018

Yesterday, Michelle Williams’ fiance Pastor Chad Johnson found himself at the center of all kinds of drama when a civil rights activist outed him for his controversial beliefs. Not only does Chad appear to a Trump supporter but he also advocates for Blue Lives Matter. Then to makes matters worse, it looks like he comes from a whole family of right-wing supporters. As expected, the interesting details have fans givin’ Pastor Chad the side eye. To many fans, Chad’s beliefs seem a bit hypocritical given his position in the church and the fact that he’s about to marry an African-American woman.

Most people think it’s only a matter of time before their beliefs cause problems in the relationship. With all of the drama surrounding Pastor Chad, fans have been patiently waiting to hear what Michelle has to say about all the talk. Now, she and her man have both decided to speak out about the situation and Michelle doin’ exactly what fans thought she’d do. This time, Chad decided to address the situation first.

Chad Claps Back:

Apparently, Chad has a few words for the critics. According to Bossip, the Elevate International pastor took to social media with a few posts. Although he didn’t mention Tariq Nasheed by name, it’s obvious Chad was responding to the civil rights activist’s Twitter posts about him that led to media firestorm on yesterday. Apparently, Pastor Chad appears to believe the bashing tweets were an attempt to put a damper on their joyous moment since they just announced their engagement days ago. Chad tweeted, “It’s unfortunate that people can reach their limit with celebrating others! Then resort to tearing them down in an attempt to taint a moment of rejoicing…Even if they have to create all out lies to justify their attempts to kill the rejoicing…”

In an attempt to take the high road, Chad insinuated that he promotes love and not hate. He continued, “Hate has an army! Love is recruiting soldiers as we speak. Who’s in?”

Standin’ By Her Man:

Although Michelle hasn’t offered a direct response to the backlash, she did comment on one of Chad’s posts about the situation. Apparently, she believes all of the criticism will ultimately work in their favor.

Michelle wrote, “Love wins!!! This will work out for our good!!! Romans 8:28.” The full bible scripture says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose.” However, fans still think their differences are bound to put a strain on the relationship somewhere down the line.

Things That Make You Go, “Hmm…”:

The couple’s response follows a series of tweets shared by Nasheed on Twitter. Nasheed claimed to have several receipts to back his claims against Chad, including screenshots, presumably from his mom and aunt’s social media accounts showing they were members of Blue Lives Matter.

Almost immediately after the tweets began circulating, fans started chiming in. Now, fans are talkin’ about the situation and Chad’s response to it all. Many fans believe Chad’s response may provide that Nasheed’s statements were true because he made no attempt to refute the claims although he did mention lies were told. However, he didn’t offer to point out the so-called lies. “He said a whole lotta nothing. Just like most pastors. He didn’t deny anything. What ‘lies’ is he referring to? If you’re going to release a statement, don’t be vague,” one person wrote. Another person commented via Twitter, “I like Michelle, she seems like a sincere sweet woman. It’s lovely to see her happy & in love, but her fiance’s background doesn’t sound too clever. Some of the receipts Tariq brought out were pretty disturbing. Good luck Michelle, you’re gonna need it. Smh.” Hopefully, everything works out for the happy couple. Best of luck to Michelle and Chad.