After Being Evicted From Two Homes, Fans Bash R. Kelly All Over Social Media & Have Questions

Posted On : February 26, 2018

R. Kelly’s year isn’t starting off so great. According to several news outlets, the Grammy Award-winning artist is facing not one but two different evictions. According to the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionR. Kelly has received eviction notices for both of his Atlanta rental homes. It has been reported that documents show R. Kelly owes SB Property Management Global, LLC for unpaid rental payments amounting to more than $31,000.
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Numbers Don’t Lie:

Court documents have also offered a detailed breakdown of what R. Kelly has paid in comparison to what he owes. The famed singer/songwriter paid nearly $15,000 in monthly rent on both homes, which a located just two miles apart. However, he’s gone months without making those payments. The breakdown includes exact monthly payment amounts R. Kelly initially agreed to pay for the luxury properties located in Duluth, GA.

Court filings show that Kelly paid $3,000 per month in rent at Saint Devon Crossing and $11,542 per month in rent at Old Homestead Trail. The homes are just two miles apart and have Duluth addresses. The Saint Devon Crossing home is in a cul-de-sac off Rogers Bridge Road. The Old Homestead Trail home is in a gated community off Bell Road.

So is R. Kelly facing financial problems or did he just abandon the homes due to personal issues? Although many assume R. Kelly’s money could kinda funny right now, there’s a strong possibility his recent home invasion is the reason he abandoned the homes.

The Home Invasions:

For those who missed all that drama, R. Kelly’s homes were raided in back-to-back burglaries over the Thanksgiving holiday week last year. After learning about the disheartening situation, the singer was shocked to learn not one but both of his Atlanta rental homes had been invaded while he was out of town on tour. Unfortunately for the “Ignition” singer, the homes were completely wiped out.

R. Kelly’s Reaction:

Shortly after the home invasions made headlines, R. Kelly took to social media with a series of videos to share footage of the empty houses. Needless to say, he was highly upset about the situation and he even admitted he knew the people behind the invasions. The singer revealed nearly everything was taken from the homes. From furniture to electronics and appliances, everything was taken from the home presumably with the intent of being resold on the streets. “I wanna thank all my fans for their support,” he said. He went on to reveal his situation is an example of what happen when you allow people to get too close. “That’s what happens when you get… you let people too close to you. People you’ve known for 25, 30 years,’ likely referring to associate Alfonso Walker who is said to have committed the crime.”

He added, “Where I wash my clothes… Washing machines, everything… You can’t do nothing about something you can’t do nothing about.” But in spite of everything, R. Kelly insisted he’s “still blessed.”

Check out the video:

…Still encouraged. Still blessed.

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The investigation reportedly led to Walker’s arrest. It has been reported that local residents reported that several men were seen moving furniture and other items out of Kelly’s homes into trucks and vans as if they were part of a moving company doing a job. However, Kelly soon learned what really happened. After Walker was arrested, Captain Chris Byers released a statement about the suspect’s account and the invasions. “The first statement to investigators was that Mr. Kelly owed him money. He’s said things as, ‘I’m being set up,'” said Captain Chris Byers. “Burglaries normally happen for a few minutes until the alarms go off,” he said. “You’ve never really heard about a week-long burglary.”

Dragged To Hell:

While some of the singer’s fans found the home invasions quite disheartening, many aren’t very sympathetic when it comes to the latest home invasion. In fact, now the singer is being dragged to hell all over social media. The eviction news has inspired all types of comical memes and other types of posts dragging the singer. Most social media users have ridiculed the singer for one reason in particular. People outside of the limelight just can’t understand why R. Kelly would even rent two homes in such close proximity. To most people, it seems like a complete waste of money as if the singer was bound to face financial issues sooner or later. Many fans have taken to Twitter to drag R. Kelly about the evictions with remixes of his own songs.

Check out some of the tweets:

A Tainted Legacy:

The latest reports about R. Kelly’s evictions follow a string of reports about the rumors surrounding his sex cult scandal. R. Kelly found himself at the center of controversy when Tim and Jonjelyn Savage – parents of one of the alleged female victims mentioned in a previous BuzzFeed report – blasted the singer during a press conference outside of a Johns Creek, GA home. The couple claimed they had not heard from their daughter since December of 2016. They also accused R. Kelly of holding their daughter against her will. “And I’m not even sure that was her,” Timothy Savage said. “… My daughter is being held against her will. The last time I saw my daughter she was in a horrible condition.”

Then, to make matters worse, tons of other women have also come forward with similar, eerie allegations toward R. Kelly. In fact, another victim named Asante McGee shared her story and, to many fans, her account painted a picture of a very different R. Kelly. “I was always a fan of R. Kelly until I got behind closed doors,” McGee said. “… You have to ask to take bath, to shower, to eat, permission to go from one room to the next. He really manipulates your mind because of who he is and his fame … (Kelly) forced you to do sexual things that you were uncomfortable with.”

At the time, R. Kelly’s attorney, Linda Mensch, released a statement maintaining his innocence. “Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him,” the statement said. “Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”

Right now, R. Kelly is not facing any charges in connection with the sex cult allegations but it looks like he will be facing legal trouble over the evictions.