After Diagnosis Of Nearly Fatal Disease, Hill Harper Creates Wonderful Product

Posted On : May 15, 2017

Actor/author/political activist, Hill Harper (52), shocked many of his fans during a prior interview on The Steve Harvey Show, where he discussed his health issues. Although we know him as the brotha from many shows and films such as Spike Lee’s joint, Get On The Bus; and as the author of many self help/empowerment books, we will now get to know him as a cancer survivor as well.

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The good thing obviously is that we can tag ‘survivor’ to the end of his health diagnosis he received a few years ago. He explained to Harvey that while he was working on a film with Tyler Perry, he realized hat he was having great trouble swallowing. Not thinking too much of it, he visited the doctor and within hours he was laying up in a hospital with many drainage tubes inserted into his neck.

Thank you so much @IAmSteveHarveyTV. Hands down one of the funniest & most memorable interviews!! We had so much fun discussing my new company– The Architect & Co. (crafting affordable premium personal care products for men & women) @bethearchitect. Our mission is to promote holistic health & wellness, so people can achieve their goals and be the active architects of their lives! Make sure to watch us on Steve Harvey Thursday April 27th. Check local listings or go to for time and channel.  For more info on our products, check link in the bio or go to  Use promo code: STEVEHARVEY for a 20% Discount w/ half of the proceeds benefitting Steve's camp for boys!!!! #bethearchitect #H2L #JUA

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The diagnosis was thyroid cancer and it caught Hill by surprise, as well as scared him because his now deceased father was diagnosed with the same cancer at his age. At the time of Hill’s diagnosis, he didn’t make it public knowledge as far as we know. However, he did do a ton of research as to how, when, why, etc. thyroid cancer happened to him or any others out there.

In doing his research, Hill says he learned that one of the culprits is what is being put onto our skin, the largest organ of our bodies. When toxins are constantly been absorbed through the skin, our liver has to fight it off and if it becomes too overwhelmed, cancer or other diseases can easily occur.

So after finding organic/natural skin products for himself to help better his internal health, he realized that the average person would not be able to afford those more healthy options. Therefore, he decided to do his part by creating an all-natural, and more importantly, affordable personal care line -for men and women- that does not have the health damaging toxins in them. His line is called Be The Architect, with his individual brands being JUA Essentials for women and H2L for men (available at

It’s a beautiful thing to see Hill Harper not simply trying to sell some wack product, but instead he actually cares about what he’s selling and is helping others along the way. Do your thing Hill!