After Ending Beef w/TylerPerry, Mo’Nique Shares Graphic Story About Him On Stage

Posted On : May 23, 2017

Now that comedian/Oscar award winning actress, Mo’Nique, has finally squashed her beef with film maker, Tyler Perry, she’s still got a little bit more to say about him.
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In case of you’ve been sleep for the past week, Mo’Nique went OFF in her comedy show at the Apollo. She voiced that she wanted Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, and Perry to – and I quote- “suck my d*^k if I had one” because she was being “white-balled by some black d*^ks who had no balls.”

Ever since Mo’Nique stirred up that media frenzy, one good thing came from it. As we previously reported, Tyler eventually phoned her up to put their issues to bed.

Mo’Nique Shares Raw & Uncensored Details About Their Convo’ In Her Stand Up

The next day, Mo’Nique took to social media to let her fans know that she respected Tyler for reaching out. That did NOT stop her from talking about him again in her next comedy show…in a very graphic and comical way. At her recent show, she recalled how her convo’ with Tyler got off to a rocky start, but that he then brought it down a notch and it was all good afterwards:

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Mo’Nique: “See, when he called us up and tried to be the billionaire, I said ‘Nig%a, put ‘Madea on the phone, let me speak to that real bi*ch because you f*^king this up right now, and to that nig%a’s credit, he got Madea on the motherf*^kin’ phone!”

“I said, ‘Yo. I want to thank you for calling because most nig%as won’t call.’ Oprah and Lee ain’t call yet,” she shared. “Because them mothaf*^*s know, we gotta have a conversation. But Tyler Perry called up and when he called up he said, ‘I watched your podcast and I saw your pain.’ I said, ‘Nig%a that’s not pain. That’s called honesty. Don’t get it confused.’

Check out what else she said about Tyler Perry in her comical, curse-word laced, recollection of their phone call below (be sure to swipe left on the video to see both parts):

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