After “Good Times,” “Cousin Cleatus” Actor Chose A New Very Controversial Career

Posted On : January 18, 2022
Actors, John Amos as “James Evans” and John Anthony Bailey as “Cousin Cleatus” in “Good Times”

Many fans are floored by what “Cousin Cleatus’s” other occupation was in REAL life! Okay, first let us refresh your memory: Remember when “Cousin Cleatus” popped up at the “Evans'” home unannounced on Good Times … and then ultimately put a gun to “Michael Evans'” head? That’s when “James” twisted “Cleatus’s” arm behind his back and slapped him upside his head for trying something so stupid. Well, guess what family? John Anthony Bailey a.k.a. “Cousin Cleatus” had a totally different career in real life! Check out the details below and prepare to be amazed…


Let’s just say actor, John Anthony Bailey a.k.a. “Cousin Cleatus” decided to explore and expand his acting career choices. He was an X-rated adult film star! That’s right, John was a real-life sex actor who went by the stage name, ‘Jack Baker.’ He starred in over 140 adult films between 1984 to 1994. He also produced and wrote a few of them as well.

John Anthony Bailey in adult film (screen-grab)

One of his most popular adult films was New Wave Hookers. He also starred in other adult classics, such as Yankee Seduction, Hot Chocolate, Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout White Chicks, etc.

Now, who would’ve thought this? Are you shocked? I know some of our ILOSM staff were. However, some of us were not shocked because, well, we already knew ☺️.


John was able to get steady work in the adult world, but he eventually stepped away from performing hardcore sex acts in them after his first few years, subsequently appearing in adult films as a “non-sex” comedic actor. His decision for that was due to the growing AIDS epidemic in the ’80s, which John felt wasn’t worth the risks. His last sex role was around 1986, but he continued his non-sex roles up until the year of his death in 1994.

“Good Times” actor, John Anthony Bailey

In the late ’80s, John Anthony Bailey was diagnosed with bladder cancer and that’s when things quickly took a turn for the worse. He couldn’t find steady work anymore as a mainstream actor … and without health insurance, he wasn’t able to maintain his cancer treatments. During the last years of his life, he became re-acquainted with his estranged daughter, but according to her, the relationship wasn’t long-lasting because John soon died in 1994, at just 47 years old.

Without a healthy burial insurance policy, John’s family was unable to afford the burial that they wanted to give him and ultimately had to cremate him. His daughter put together a memorial site for people to remember him by, however, the site has been since taken down.

Rest on John Anthony Bailey…gone, but never forgotten.