After Husband Claps Back, KeKe Wyatt Sets Record Straight About Their Marital Problems

Posted On : September 12, 2017

KeKe Wyatt and Michael Jamar had fans talkin’ last week after she released an emotional video revealing her husband wants a divorce. The 8-months-pregnant singer turned quite a few heads because the talk of divorce came out of nowhere for most people. However, Michael claims it’s been coming for quite some time due to KeKe’s behavior which he describes as “toxic.”

For fans, the news sparked a heated debate on social media and Michael was dragged all the way to hell. Since KeKe is in the third trimester of her ninth pregnancy while caring for a child battling cancer and seven others, fans can’t help but sympathize with her being an “emotional wreck.” But apparently, there were a few people who attacked them both for how they’ve handled the situation. So, KeKe’s decided to clear the air and explain what she meant when she released the video.

Setting the Record Straight:

This week, KeKe is singing a bit of a different tune. The singer has admitted that Michael is a good husband and father. Her problem with him has nothing to do with his ability to fulfill his role in her life and the lives of their children. Her problem with him centers around the timing he chose to cause confusion and ask for a divorce. With everything their faced with right now, KeKe insists it’s just not the right time for him to want to throw in the towel.

“I never said he’s not a good father. He’s a wonderful father. He’s an amazing father. That I can never take away from him. That’s one thing he’ll always be is a great dad. Now timing. Your timing aint’ good buddy. But as far as being a father, he’s a wonderful daddy. That man cooks, takes care of these babies. He’s a great husband, a great father. Sometimes, people can clash and it’s not good to clash in front of your kids.”

Still Standing Her Ground:

But despite giving Michael the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being a husband and father, KeKe is still defending herself. She’s made it clear that she strongly disagrees with Michael’s description of her. “But one thing is for sure, I’m not crazy or toxic,” KeKe charged. She went on to touch on the topic of time again. For KeKe, Michael’s timing still doesn’t add up. “And he’s not a bad father. And I love him ’til the day I die and that’s just what it is. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do….And you know, I mean he could have probably been taught better timing…timing don’t add up for everybody. But it is what it is. Now it’s time for me to man up and do what I gotta do, honey. I gotta make coins for my children…Minister to more people.”

Although KeKe revealed speculation of infidelity during her video, Michael insists him wanting a divorce has nothing to do with cheating. Hopefully, things work out for KeKe and Michael but only time will tell.