After Last Night, Eva Marcille has got to Throw the ‘Shadiest Shades’ on the Women of RHOA

Posted On : April 15, 2019

Eva has been turned off from the ladies in her cast on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She sat down with Andy, Sunday night on Watch What Happens Live and she did not hold her tongue. During the segment when fans called in to ask questions–some of the fiercest shades that I’ve ever heard, came from Eva Marcille.

When speaking of NeNe during the reunion, Eva said, she was “really surprised about how cold NeNe was.” “It was sad,” she said. “It just seemed like she just came out there with a thick shoulder and daggers. She was just ready.

Eva remarks her opinion of NeNe changed after when Eva watched back this season’s episode in which NeNe purposefully kept her mic on for a conversation Eva specifically asked her to de-mic for.

“The way I understand it is the point of the reunion is to unpack luggage, right? So a lot of times, you watch the show, and you have revelations and you learn things that you didn’t know during the season,” Eva explained to Andy. “And so my irritation with NeNe was what I learned while watching the show.”

Eva’s shades NeNe and Marlo next>>>>