After Last Night’s Concert, See Why Some Say Toni Braxton’s Going TOO FAR

Posted On : October 25, 2016

They say big things come in small packages and Toni Braxton is continuing to prove that theory to be true. Standing at just 5’1″ Toni B. is battling her Lupus disease like she has the physical strength and endurance of a 6’7″ 300 pound linebacker and we couldn’t be more inspired from watching her…ESPECIALLY after seeing her recent performance where she performed on stage with her heart monitor attached to her chest!

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Word on the Old School curb is that her doctors are making her wear it 24/7 for right now so that heart attacks, strokes and chest pains can be immediately detected to prevent another serious health scare, lie the two she had in October alone.


But see why some are  questioning if Toni’s going too far by constantly performing and she should instead just chill out for a bit:

valmonte: “She’s a trooper but lets not recklessly push the envelope.”

JackAsserson: “Lupus can’t stop her? I bet it can. Lupus is when your body attacks its own immune system. In short, you are kicking your own azz.”

Anna: “Either she is a workaholic or she cares more about $$$ than her health..pathetic that she is working when she obviously need to chill the F down…”

Fab4fan5: “Damn Toni,take care of yourself.We can’t lose you”


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And of course there were many people who sent Toni well wishes and admired her strength as well.

momo: “stay strong love you Toni, prayers and blessings.”

Margo: “I hope she stays well. She is a great singer and a beautiful woman”

MrSpitBall: “Always loved her, always will. I hope she holds it together.”

Entropy: “Not a fan of her music but damn I can’t deny her strength. Blessed be your heart and soul. You are an awesome human. WOW! WOW That’s proof that Toni Braxton really loves performing on stage. Lupus is manageable though. IF AN AVERAGE PERSON COULD AFFORD TO STAY HOME ,THEY WOULD . You need adequate rest and a good diet to maintain optimal health”

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We, here at ILOSM, think that Toni has always been beautiful on the outside, but watching her handle her condition like a champ and not allowing her health to break her spirit nor will is far more beautiful than any physical feature on her body.

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Another beautiful thing is that according to concert goers, Toni’s man ‘friend,’ Birdman, was sitting front and center at the show, being very in tuned with Toni and supporting her as she continues her tour, despite her Lupus condition. Now THAT is something that deserves RESPECK about the Birdman, don’t you agree?

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Reportedly he’s been by her side through it all with her recent health struggles- he was reportedly rushed to the hospital when Toni had to be transported earlier this month and he along with her family and children have been a part of her close knit support system ever since.

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This is one time I’m sure that even those who are against Toni dating Birdman, will agree that he is one of the best things for her right about now…Toni says that even her Momma thinks so.

fb toni braxton

Overall though, no one can truly fight this battle for Toni B., except Toni B. and one day I’m pretty sure her two sons are gonna grow up and reminisce about these trying times their Mother went through and pray that they will be fortunate enough to one day find a companion who has even an ounce of the strength and fight that their beautiful Mommy has inside of her.