After Other Usher Accuser Reveals Identity, Graphic Details Released In $20M Lawsuit

Posted On : September 20, 2017
Usher (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Since the debacle with Usher’s previous accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, fans have been asking for ‘receipts’ where the other latest accuser is concerned. As we previously reported, singer, Angie Stone, first revealed the identity of the $20 million suer in Usher’s herpes scandal. Stone interviewed the young lady, who’s name is Laura Helm, but at the time of the interview, there was only so much that was revealed- her identity being the biggest reveal.

Well, now the details of her lawsuit and her precise detailing of her and Usher’s alleged sex encounters are the ‘receipts’ that have surfaced this go ’round and they are pretty graphic. Laura is currently suing Usher because she says that she now has herpes after having sex with him. Check out the details she gave in her legal docs below.


Meet Laura:

Laura Helm

Legal documents have revealed lots of details about Laura’s lawsuit against the Grammy Award-winning singer. In her ‘suit, Laura explained that she and Usher were “platonic friends” and Usher won her over by sharing details about his humanitarian efforts for the less-fortunate in Africa. Unlike Quantasia, Laura reportedly has details to back the herpes claim and she claims that she did not begin having health problems until after she slept with Usher. It has been reported that Laura had two sexual encounters with Usher. She revealed she never actually saw ‘Mr. Ursher baby’ “finish” their first sexual encounter, because he made a beeline for the bathroom. According to Radar Online:

[Laura Helm] claimed he removed his condom and encouraged her to perform oral sex on the singer. When she complied, he then “immediately grabbed his penis and went into the bathroom” to prevent her from being able to observe him ejaculate.

Helm also claims that the second time around, they had unprotected sex. Days later, Laura reportedly noticed an “unusual bump on the inside of her cheek. A few days after that she noticed a similar bump — the size of a green pea — on her vagina,” reports the publication. During the second encounter on April 28, 2017, Helm says she met with Usher in a New Orleans, LA hotel room where things were a little more invasive. Usher reportedly “putting on jazz music while performing oral sex on her.”

Why Now?:

In the lawsuit, Laura also referenced the other sex partner Usher reportedly paid $1.1 million as a result of the herpes claims, but she admitted she has no proof of that alleged situation, nor payout. According to reports, the reason Laura Helm is now revealing her identity amidst her $20 million lawsuit against Usher, is because of Usher’s alleged efforts to stall the case. Laaaawd, this is getting more and more like a real life Scandal TV episode…one that would rake in high ratings in fact.

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