After Serious Accident, Fantasia’s Brother Sings With Her For 1st Time Since Having His Tubes Removed

Posted On : January 7, 2018
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Fantasia in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Fantasia Barrino’s heart sang as her brother appears to be making strides in his recovery process. If you didn’t know, Fantasia Barrino’s brother, Xavier, has been in the hospital in serious condition after he sustained several injuries as a result of a crash on his motorcycle. Known as a prayer warrior, Fantasia took to social media and asked her followers for prayers. It appears that her prayers have been answered as her brother sang for the first time since his accident.

The Road To Recovery:

While Fantasia Barrino is a successful songstress, she has always put her family first. On September 5th, Fantasia’s brother, Xavier Barrino, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that resulted in him being severely injured. Details of Xavier Barrino’s motorcycle crash has not been shared. When the accident occurred, Fantasia asked for prayers as she was worried about her brother.  Thankfully, Xavier is alive, but a large part of his recovery has been spent in the bed as he is unable to walk.

Many of the things that we do everyday and take for granted, as Xavier is learning to do them from a hospital bed. His big sister constantly keeps his family and friends updated on his progress. Videos have been shared of Xavier lifting his hands and practicing to open simple objects. He has had six surgeries since the accident.  After being confined to a hospital bed for a month, Fantasia celebrated that her brother is able to go outside.

Shortly after Christmas, Fantasia jokingly shared a video of herself hacking her brother’s page. From his hospital room, Fantasia and her son tried to lift Xavier’s spirits by putting a Christmas tree in his room as well as giving him a Santa hat to wear. Additionally, his room is filled with enlarged photos of his 3 children. The photos serve as a motivational tool and a reminder that Xavier has so much to live for.

Fantasia video taped Xavier enduring physical therapy as Xavier practiced stretching and sitting up. The entire time, Fantasia encouraged him as she continued to lift her brother’s spirit.

Now, after having several broken bones and breathing through a tube, Fantasia‘s baby brother was able to sing with her for the very first time since his accident, now that his tubes have been removed. Fantasia’s family is full of talented singers. They are a singing family so being able to sing with her brother again is a miracle!

Before The Accident:

Xavier Barrino is the youngest of Fantasia’s brothers. Xavier and Fantasia are extremely close as her son’s middle name is Xavier. Like his older siblings, Xavier is a talented singer. On his Instagram page, Xavier shared videos of himself singing and performing. It appears that he was an avid motorcycle rider. Xavier shared a video of himself riding on a Harley Davidson 2 days before the accident occurred. The father of 3 wore a helmet as he rode his motorcycle on a beautiful, sunny day.

Xavier’s accident is a reminder not to take life for granted. We’re sending prayers up and positive energy to Xavier Barrino.