After STD Claims Surface, Usher’s Wife & Singer Stepdaughter Share Potent Messages

Posted On : July 23, 2017

As many of us have heard by now, Usher’s world was rocked on Wednesday, July 19 (2017) after legal documents regarding a herpes infection surfaced online. In case anyone’s been sleep for the past few days, RadarOnline produced court documents that appeared to be indication that Usher had contracted the incurable herpes virus in 2009 or 2010 and infected a woman he’d been sleeping with. He reportedly paid the woman $1.1 million, after she sued him for ‘ruining her body.’

A second woman has also just filed her $10 million lawsuit against Usher, after hearing the reports. She claims that she had sex with Usher on April 16, 2017 and now fears she may have been put at risk for contracting herpes as well.

Usher’s Wife, Grace Miguel

Grace Miguel and Usher

Soon as these claims begin to spread, the internet erupted with shock and Usher has remained silent. But there’s one person the world has forgotten about, one who is probably very hurt and embarrassed by all of this and that is his current wife/manager, Grace Miguel.

Aside from having to deal with the pain of her husband’s alleged herpes diagnosis being made public, Grace has even more issues to think about. She and Usher reportedly began dating in 2009 and married in 2015, so we know at least one of the alleged sexual affairs supposedly occurred during their marriage, according to the woman currently suing him.

Interestingly, Grace and her daughter, who is also a singer, has now taken to social media with inspirational, sad, and cryptic messages of their own.

Usher’s Wife’s Subliminal Messages After Allegations Surface

On the day the news broke about usher possibly having herpes, Grace posted a series of Instagram posts with one being a lengthy post about her learning to love herself first, just as much as she loves the man she’s with. Not sure what that meant, but check it out below.

First Grace, who goes by the name @enmemetemps on Instagram, posted an art piece of a woman covering her face as if she’s shamed and the top of the picture read: ‘I’m still working on my public face.’

Then she posted a love quote and her caption read:

@enmemetemps: Imagine if you took care of yourself The way you do a new love interest. If you listened to yourself with loving ears. Worked hard to solve your own problems with a great attitude. If you started every day saying something beautiful that you love about yourself. If you made sure that the best of everything was around you. Wanted to impress yourself with new adventures and exciting things to do. If you were determined to prove to yourself how amazing you are. If you were dating that person would you be looking for someone else? #HappyattractsHappy #Fillyourselfupwih❤️

Lastly, Grace posted an art piece by artist, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, of a sad or melancholy woman whose face appeared to be cracked and made up of different faces at one time, as if she’s trying to ‘put on a public face’ to cover her true feelings.

#CurrentMood @nathanielmaryquinn

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Fans Offer Grace Words Of Encouragement

After fans caught wind of Grace’s subliminal messages, they quickly began offering words of encouragement and prayers for what she’s clearly going through at this time.

Usher’s Stepdaughter Shares Subliminal Message

Grace’s daughter is a singer and fashion model, who goes by the name, Leaf. She posted an uplifting message after the herpes claims surfaced. Her messaged appeared to be a subliminal empowering message for either herself, or her mother, to remind them that pain doesn’t last always:

@itsmeleaf: Life is the only constant everything else is variables… so I can only promise you one thing, all will change. #gowiththeflow

This has got to be an extremely tough time for everyone involved. Sending positive energy to them all.