After Their Rocky Past, NE’s Ricky Sends Touching Anniversary Message To Wife Of 13 Yrs

Posted On : September 21, 2017

New Edition/BBD singer, Ricky Bell, has two reasons to celebrate this week- he turned the big 5-0 and he and his wife, Amy Correra, hit the 13 year mark.

Ricky Bell and wife, Amy Correra

Most of us, New Edition fans, have always had an impression of Ricky as being one of the clean cut, laid back guys in the group. But once BET’s The New Edition Story biopic came out, Ricky sure did shock the hell outta us. While the laid back description may be true about Ricky B.’s personality, he bravely decided to reveal that his squeaky clean image was not.

New Edition: Ricky, Ronnie, Johnny, Ralph, Bobby, Mike

That’s where his wife comes in. As we saw in the biopic, it was Amy who stood by Ricky’s side through it all- even when they went dead broke and had no sure way of making money. We also watched as Ricky revealed, in the movie, that he had a very severe cocaine addiction. His wife had to deal with his addiction as best as she could, because it got so bad that it not only affected Ricky’s career, it affected their marriage.

So to see them still together today, hitting the 13 year mark is a beautiful thing. Ricky B. has been clean and sober for years now. This is what he posted about the love of his life as they celebrated their anniversary on his birthday, September 18, 2017:

Happy Anniversary Best Friend Love of my life and mother of my future kids!!! @amycorreabell Your support and unconditional love is far beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. We shall relentlessly pursue the Highest possible good for each other, as an Honor to God for the gift of our union. 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

Ricky and Amy currently do not have any children, but did y’all catch that hint he threw out there? Hmmm…maybe he’s trying to tell us something, much like his N.E. brother, Ronnie DeVoe, did with his baby news. Speaking of Ronnie, he also gave Ricky a shout out for his 50th birthday…

And so did Ricky’s wife…


It’s great to see Ricky and the whole New Edition crew become living legends right before our eyes. Things have really been looking up for them lately as well. According to what Mike Bivins revealed in a prior interview, the group members are making more money now than they have in many YEARS. That’s the way that it should be, after all that they’ve contributed to music and sacrificed as a result of.

Happy birthday Ricky Bell and happy anniversary to you and the Mrs.!