After Tons Of Rumors, Sanaa Lathan Finally Gives Detailed Response To Beyonce Bite Rumors

Posted On : May 9, 2018

Back in March, “Girls Trip” star Tiffany Haddish turned heads when she dropped a bombshell about Jay-Z’s after-party shenanigans. Not only did the upcoming comedian kick it with Beyonce, she also sparked a media firestorm with her jaw-dropping play-by-play of everything that went down the night she attended his 4:44 concert in December of 2017.

For those who missed it, Tiffany even claimed to have seen another famous actress bite Beyonce. As strange as it sounds, you definitely read that right. Although Tiffany didn’t drop a name, media outlets went digging almost immediately after the claims began circulating. It was revealed that Sanaa Lathan was the one in question at that after-party. So did the “Brown Sugar” actress really take a bite outta Queen Bey? Of course, the BeyHive has been dying to know the real answer to that question. Sanaa Lathan hadn’t shared her true opinion of the drama – until now.

Not Here For The Drama:

During a recent interview with Health magazine, Sanaa Lathan discussed a number of topics. From her career to her personal life, she opened up a bit to give fans a glimpse of her life. But one part of the interview that has fans’ attention centers around the whole “Beyonce biting incident.” After months of circulating rumors, Sanaa has finally broken her silence.

She Speaks:

According to PageSix Sanaa shared her opinion of the rumor and she definitely didn’t hold back. The 46-year-old actress claimed the rumor was “absurd” but she’s not letting it get to her.

“I think it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever been involved with. Thank God I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have had so many rumors about me. They used to devastate me in my 20s, but in order to survive in this business, you just have to let it roll.”

She went on to finally answer the question everyone’s been asking. Sanaa made it clear that she wouldn’t bite anyone and the rumor is probably the most bizarre she’s heard in her entire career:

“I adore Beyoncé. I would never do anything malicious like that—to her, or to anyone. It’s so bizarre. I thought it was the funniest thing ever that it was a news story. It’s so crazy.”

Damage Control Or Nah?:

Of course, the rumor about the “4:44” after-party led to dozens of headlines and TMZ reported that insiders claimed Tiffany Haddish had told, “multiple sources” that Sanaa bit Beyonce. At the time, Sanaa only offered a brief response that left many fans baffled because it was kinda contradictory:

“Y’all are funny. Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would’ve have been a love bite.”

Based on her latest statements about the whole “bite-gate,” people are definitely scratchin’ their heads again. While Sanaa’s fans are siding with her, many are wonderin’ if she is just doin’ damage control because the incident is so embarrassing. Others are wondering why would Tiffany Haddish have to lie. In a nutshell, people are still givin’ Sanaa lots of side eye.

One person wrote, “‘I would never do anything malicious like that—to her, or to anyone.’ ….Read between the lines folks, a simple ‘NO’ would have sufficed, but she makes a point to say she wouldn’t do anything malicious instead…that means she did it, but was high as fluck and didn’t mean any harm by it….She never can just say ‘No.'” Another fan agreed using Sanaa’s first statement as an example. “Like when she 1st addressed it, she said if she were to bite Beyonce, it’d be a love bite. Translation then & now: I wasn’t trying to hurt the bish.”

What do y’all think about Sanaa Lathan’s statement?