After Transexual ‘Exposes’ Bobby Valentino, He Surprises & Confuses Fans w/His New Baby

Posted On : December 18, 2017

To say 2017 has been a roller coaster ride for “Slow Down” singer, Bobby Valentino, is the understatement of the year…and now he’s just confused his fans even more with his latest reveal.

Bobby Valentino (L); Reima Houston, Valentino’s transgender accuser (R)

Recap Of Bobby V.’s Rocky Year Thus Far

1.The transgender “outing”

In July 2017, many of y’all may recall that was when Bobby V. went from damn near obscurity, to being the topic of headlines across the internet. Transgender woman, Reima Houston, was a self proclaimed sex worker at that time and she put Bobby V. on blast after he allegedly got busy with her, then tried to stick her for her paper. As payback, Reima posted a viral video of Bobby V. hustlin’ to pull up his pants and run out of the hotel room and down the hall without his shoes, as she heard telling him to pay her and to ‘slow down.’  After Reima’s video, more transgender women made similar claims against Bobby as well.

2.  Snoop Dogg reacted to Bobby getting ‘caught’
As you can imagine, following that viral video (which has been removed from Youtube), Bobby was the source of many memes. Even Snoop thought it was hilarious and Bobby also addressed his fans about it…although he never denied it was him. Check out the clips below…

3.  The lawsuits
Reima then filed a lawsuit against Bobby V. -for assault, battery, and stalking- after she said she’d been threatened for ‘outing’ him. Then Bobby hit back with a lawsuit of his own and a statement, claiming he didn’t know Reima was a transgender woman when they linked up in the hotel and that she was trying to extort him for money.

4.  Transgender case mysteriously fades away
At this point, we aren’t sure if Bobby V. paid Reima the money she says she was owed or not, but for the past few months she’s now stopped talking about Bobby. The case has also mysteriously faded into an oblivion as well. Now this has happened…

NEW REVEAL: Bobby Valentino Debuts His Newborn

Fast forward to today and Bobby Valentino has just resurfaced with an adorable newborn baby girl named, Lilac Valentino. Although he didn’t reveal the baby’s mother, here’s what he posted online about his daughter:

Fans React To Bobby V.’s New Baby

Now, of course this surprised many of Bobby V.’s fans who -ever since that transgender video- assumed he was gay. Here are a few of the comments he’s been getting regarding his baby reveal:

Listen, here at I Love Old School Music, we do NOT care if a person is straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or try-sexual. It’s the character of a person that we choose to judge one by. So, as far as Bobby V. and his sexuality- that’s his business. However, IF Reima Houston’s claims are true, hopefully she and Bobby V. have peacefully resolved their issues.