After Uncovering Lucrative Secret About OJ’s Kids, Victim’s Family Now Coming For Them

Posted On : July 31, 2017

Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman, and sister

The family of murder victim, Ron Goldman, who was stabbed to death along with O.J.’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson, is pissed off and on a mission.

Most of us recall the many interviews throughout the years, where the Goldman’s have expressed their belief that O.J. killed Nicole and Ron on June 12, 1994.  Ever since then, Ron’s family has vowed to “go after” O.J. for the rest of his life.

O.J. Simpson, 70, after being granted parole at Lovelock Correctional Center

Now, after O.J.’s recent granting of parole- after serving almost nine years for stealing his sports memorabilia back from some guys in a Las Vegas hotel- the Goldman fam’ are ramping up their efforts.

Ironically O.J. was originally given a sentence of a maximum 33 years for stealing his own stuff back; and 20 years earlier (in 1997), Ron’s family was granted $33.5 million in a civil lawsuit after being found ‘liable’ for Ron’s and Nicole’s death. As of today, the Goldman’s say they have received about one percent of the money O.J. owes them and are now turning things up to get the rest of their bread by any means necessary.

O.J’s slain ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson, and her slain friend, Ron Goldman

After the parole granting, the Goldman family is now going after O.J.’s and Nicole’s two children- son, Justin, and daughter, Sydney. The Goldman’s have uncovered the previously unknown real estate purchases the two Simpson siblings made. Since 2015, Sydney and Justin- both of whom dabble in real estate- have gone on a real estate shopping spree of some sort, and bought 13 apartments in low income neighborhoods, totaling about $500K, according to NYPost. Now the Goldman’s want to know where they got the money from, because they say if it came from O.J.s income, it should have gone to them (the Goldman family) instead.

Via New York Post:David Cook, a lawyer for Goldman’s father, Fred, said he would seek bank records and depositions to follow the kids’ money trail and see if any of the homes were bought with their dad’s cash, which could make them eligible for a claw-back.

O.J.’s and Nicole’s children, Justin (L); Sydney (R)

The kids’ “loss is no greater than Fred’s, but Fred’s loss should be no greater than theirs,” Cook said. “The first stop is to unearth the records and testimony of the family members to ensure that the source of the equity to acquire the real property is free of any taint.” Cook said any money Simpson may have given to his kids would be a “fraudulent conveyance,” or a transfer of money to avoid debt. Cook said any money Simpson may have given to his kids would be a “fraudulent conveyance,” or a transfer of money to avoid debt.

The problem the Goldman’s will continue to have in collecting civil money from O.J., is that O.J.’s paper is super protected in pensions and protected annuities.

We’ll keep y’all posted on how their new mission of going after the Simpson kids’ money trail turns out though.