After Volatile Past, Bebe Winans & Ex-Wife Reunite For Son’s Graduation, See Pics

Posted On : June 4, 2017

Gospel Singer Bebe Winans (of Bebe & CeCe) has had a rocky past with his ex-wife, Debra. They were married for 16 years and divorced in 2003. Throughout their marriage there were many happy moments, but in a past interview, Debra admitted that there were more rocky times due to the stress Bebe’s music career had on their marriage, which she says caused her to be insecure and caused Bebe to also put his career before their marriage. *Scroll down for graduation pics*

Bebe Winans

Their 2009 Domestic Violence Incident

After their divorce, their was a domestic violence incident that made headlines in 2009. Debra called the cops to her home after she said Bebe shoved her to the ground in front of their then pre-teen and teen kids: daughter, Miya, and son, Benjamin. A judge later dismissed the charges, not because the incident didn’t happen, but because Bebe and his attorney had agreed for Bebe to attend domestic violence counseling in exchange for dismissal of the charges. Needless to say, Debra was pissed and reportedly revealed this in an interview, where it was also reported that she said it wasn’t their first domestic incident:

Bebe’s 2009 mug shot (L); his ex-wife, Debra Winans (R)

Via BCKOnline: “First of all, dismissal doesn’t mean absence of guilt and neither does it mean he was exonerated from his actions. But this was dismissed because of the psychologist. He had two sessions, not 10, but only two sessions with him. Not 30 days, but two sessions. He said BeBe showed no domestic violence behavior. But my response to the District Attorney is neither did the man who killed all the people at Fort Hood. They did a psychology analysis on him as well and he showed no signs of domestic violence. But the proof of the matter is that he did it. BeBe is in the wrong business, he needs to be an actor because he’s good at what he does!”

Debra also reportedly spoke about the letter their daughter had written to Gayle King, detailing her account of what happened and how BeBe and his attorney fought against it:

Via Fever Magazine: “They would not let the kids speak. I sent that letter to the D.A. I told them, ‘Somebody needed to see this. The judge needs to see this.’ But BeBe’s people were pushing so hard to get this exonerated… […] I had to tell my kids because they go to school and they look at YouTube and the whole nine. But they were furious and wanted to know why their dad gets away with everything.”

It’s A New Day For Bebe & Ex-Wife Now- See Happy Graduation Family Photos

The good news is that Bebe an Debra have now put the tension behind them and have come together for the greater good of their babies, Miya (now 21) and Benjamin (now 18). Check out the pics Bebe shared of their 18 year old son’s graduation from college. Bebe and Debra (shown in below pic standing next to Bebe) were there and so was their daughter, Miya; Bebe’s sisters/gospel singers, Cece and Angie; and get a load of the Winans’ family matriarch- 80 year old Delores “Mom” Winans is aging VERY well!

Family Photo

A proud moment for Deb & I with my Mom, my sisters Angie and Cece and our daughter Miya! #ittakesavillage #heavenonearth

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Bebe & Debra’s children, Benjamin & Miya

It’s beautiful Bebe and Debra were able to able to move forward. All’s well that ends well.