After Xscape Fans Blast Essence Fest, Kandi & Tiny Sincerely Apologize To Fans

Posted On : July 4, 2017

Somebody at over the Essence Festival performances, probably had a lotta explaining to do on Monday morning, the day after Xscape’s performance at the fest. Why? Because they underestimated the power of Xscape, which is really more like the power of social media, combined with the power of reality TV shows.

Super-Lounge vs. Main Stage

On Sunday, July 2nd (2017), Xscape performed inside of a Super-lounge, as opposed to the main stage where larger acts (of the moment) perform. We don’t wanna get it twisted though, many phenomenal, well respected artists grace the stages of the Essence Fest Super-lounges every year in New Orleans, La.. Unfortunately, there’s only so much space inside of the N.O. Superdome. Therefore, artists who may not be as ‘hot,’ if you will, at the present moment, may be invited to the Super-lounge, instead of larger artists like Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, and Frankie Beverly and Maze (who dominated the Essence Fest for decades). Those type of artists’ fans require a much larger room, like the main stage.

It Was Pandemonium & Chaos

After all the drama and headlines Xscape has been making lately- Kandi’s recent “rape-gate-Phaedra scandal, Tiny’s ongoing divorce drama with T.I., and Xscape finally burying the hatchet with each other after 18 years- it was obvious their fans were gonna show up in droves to get a glimpse of the newly reunited sistas in the flesh. And showed up and showed OUT, their fans did…only to get shown to the exit door by the fire marshall.

The Super-lounge became so overcrowded for Xscape’s performance, that many were turned away and left stranded outside frustrated and pissed the hell off. It got so bad, that at one point during the show, the fire marshall shut the whole lounge down. Then mass hysteria broke out: fans were fighting outside the lounge and all!

Xscape Responds

Well, needless to say, the Xscape singers were saddened to hear that. Kandi and Tiny have now both taken to social media to share their apologies on behalf of the group. Check them out below:
Kandi posted…

Tiny posted…

Overall, the Essence Festival was still the bomb and besides, we all live and we learn. Maybe next year we’ll see Xscape back there on a much bigger room. Only time will tell, but for now, let’s just give the ladies their props for representin’ grown folks style, with their beautiful voices and beautiful physiques to match. Dayummn Xscape!