AJ Johnson Revealed Suge ‘Threatened His Life,’ But Fans Were More Alarmed By His Appearance

Posted On : April 29, 2021

[inset photo] Suge Knight; [R] AJ Johnson
Many of us, Old Schoolers, remember comedian/actor, AJ Johnson, from either his hilarious stand-up shows, or his scene stealing comical moments in movies such as Friday, I Got The Hookup, The Players Club and more.

He was dominant in various roles, no matter how large, or small his parts were. In a prior interview with Vlad TV, A.J. revealed how one of his roles caused Death Row Records co-founder, Suge Knight, to threaten his life. As alarming as that may be – yet not shocking, given Suge’s history – it is A.J.’s appearance during his Vlad interview, that is catching fans by surprise even more . See why below…

[L] Angela Means and [R] AJ Johnson on set of “Friday” film

AJ Johnson On Why Suge Reportedly Wanted To Shoot Him

First let’s get into his past beef with Suge Knight and how it all started over an Eazy E music video.

AJ Johnson: “Dr. Dre [Suge’s then Death Row Records partner] put me in his video as ‘Sleazy E’ (a mockery of Dre’s former NWA group member-turned rival, Eazy E).

AJ says that when Dre approached him about doing the “Dre Day” video, he (A.J.) was actually cool with Eazy:

“Me and Eazy were cool. It’s a funny story. [..] So I did the video and I guess Eazy [had] seen it. Eazy called me and he was like, ‘Man, you know everybody thought that was me in the video.'”

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Then came the odd turn of events, Eazy wanted AJ to then play him in his clap-back diss to Dre and Death Row Records:

“He [Eazy E] was like, ‘Now you gotta do my video, to show people that wasn’t me!’ I was like, ‘No problem!’ So now I go do Eazy’s video.”

“Suge Knight gets word that I’m doing Eazy’s video. He called me into his office. [At that time] we’d just done half the video, so I had to go back tomorrow to finish it. But Suge called me into the office…[he was] like, ‘Man you can’t finish that video.’ I’m like, ‘I dont have nothing against Dre, I don’t have nothing against Eazy, I’m a comedian, I’m tryna pay my rent.'”

AJ says Suge still was telling him ‘You can’t do it,’ despite the fact that he’d just explained he needed the money to take care of his business.

“I’m like, ‘What you mean I can’t do it? He already paid me.'”

Then this happened:

“Suge pulled a gun out *AJ signals a hand motion, as if he’s slamming a gun on a desk*…’I said you can’t do it’ [said Suge].”

“Alright I won’t do it.”

I went and told Eazy, I said ‘Man I can’t finish the video.’ He was like, ‘Why?’ I [said] ‘Suge told me I can’t do it.'”

After AJ admitted, to Eazy, why he was backing out of the video, he said Eazy was like, “C’mon man, you gon’ let that ni&&a punk you like that?‘ However, AJ feared for his life at that point and felt like it just wasn’t worth the risk. Therefore they came up with a solution:

AJ told Eazy, “‘I know somebody that can finish the video.'” He continued, “[Comedian] Arnez J. finished the video…HE played Eazy, LOL. So in the first half it’s me and in the second half, it’s Arnez J, LOL. […] So the money that Eazy gave to me, I had to give to Arnez J.”

Why Fans Caught Off Guard By A.J.’s Appearance

Now, remember we mentioned that there was something even more alarming than the life-threatening revelation AJ exposed? Well, that would be the real-life struggle AJ appears to have been be dealing with at the time of his interview.

As fans watched A.J. tell his story, ironically he was very coherent, yet many wondered if he was battling an alcohol addiction, a substance addiction, or a combination of all of the above. Peep his interview clip up top to see what else he revealed, and see if y’all notice anything different.

Meanwhile, we wanna wish that brotha the best and send him positive energy. A.J. Johnson is an incredible comedic talent, so hopefully everything is okay with him and he’s still out here building his legacy.