Alleged Mistress Of Wendy Williams’ Husband Reportedly Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Posted On : March 25, 2019

Did Williams Already Know?

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If this is true, this is a shocker…but not really, if you catch my drift. Why? Because it was recently reported, by several media outlets, that the reason behind Wendy’s latest reported drug relapse that landed her in a sober living house, is because she either found out and/or suspected that Kevin’s alleged mistress was expecting. Though Wendy never confirmed those reports, it’s being said that she recently hired a private investigator to trail Kevin and get info about him and his rumored mistress.

As for as Kevin and Sharina’s alleged newborn, that news has pretty much been kept on the low and away from Wendy, reports UnWine With Tasha K.

While having a baby is a beautiful blessing, obviously having a baby under extreme circumstances can also put stress on everyone involved. So, despite the alleged situation surrounding Wendy’s hubby and his reported mistress, well wishes to all of them at this time, especially the alleged precious baby girl.

Hopefully, everyone involved in their situation will come to some type a mutual understanding for the sake of the beautiful new life that has been created…allegedly.