Allegedly Mary J. Blige And Ex-Husband Kendu Left Condition of House So Bad, Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Set in Court

Posted On : May 9, 2019

Although Mary J. Blige and her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs have moved on from their marriage there’s still quite a bit of calamity left in the aftermath of their divorce. The two of them were facing a lawsuit pertaining to a property they secured through Golden Venus LLC which claims that not only did the two of them severely damage the property they both skipped out on rent and fees totaling $60,000. And now after a brief hiatus Golden Venus LLC can check one item off their list as they will be seeing their former tenants in court very soon.

It Started Out Fine

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After a nasty court battle fraught with cheating allegations, slander and money grabs Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs divorce was finalized in March of 2018, though that didn’t have anything to do with the Golden Venus lawsuit which has been pending for a few years. It started back in 2015 when Blige and Isaacs agreed to move into a $7.5M six bedroom, eight bathroom mansion at the beautiful Mulholland Estates. Their rental payment was $25,000 per month, to which they agreed to pay faithfully. When their rent went up by $2,000 the following year they paid it for three months and then they stopped paying their rent altogether.

As a measure of good faith they decided they would move out of their home at the Mulholland Estates and asked that their $50,000 security deposit be applied to the money they owed in back rent. However, Golden Ventures claims that once they went to inspect the mansion after Blige and Isaacs’ exit they were amazed by the shape it was left in.

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