C’mon Son! “I’m Dreamin'” Singer Christopher Williams Arrested For Very Petty Crime

Posted On : October 3, 2017

Christopher Williams

Remember Christopher Williams, the “pretty boy” from New Jack City and the 80’s/90’s legend who sang “I’m Dreamin?'” Well, today he probably wishes the answer was ‘Yes’ he is dreaming, so he could wake up and get on with his everyday life, minus his recent arrest. Unfortunately that ain’t the case for Williams.

On Saturday, August 30th, the brotha was booked for a petty theft, after committing one of the pettiest crimes ever- stealing a pair of expensive headphones. Yep, you read that right, but there’s more. The 50 year old R&B crooner reportedly claimed forgetfulness was the cause of his crime. See the details of what went down:

Christopher Williams’ mugshot (via TMZ)

Via TMZ: Sources tell us the incident went down Saturday at a Kohl’s in McDonough, Georgia where Chris walked in with a tote bag and wearing a baseball cap. We’re told he went to the back of the store and grabbed a pair of JBL headphones … priced at $99.99. We’re told he threw the headphones into his bag and tried walking out. When security stopped him, we’re told Chris said he simply forgot he bagged them. By then, cops were called and arrested him. The “I’m Dreamin'” singer was arrested and booked for petty theft, a misdemeanor. He was released after a couple hours.

Listen, I get it, JBL headphones are one of the best quality headphones on the market…one that many recording artists prefer. So it’s understandable why Williams wanted those bad boys. The question is did he really forget he slipped them into his bag and tried to slide outta the door with them? That’ll be up to the judge to determine.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here vibing to his classics R&B joints and hopefully he’ll be staying out of Kohl’s stores. Much luck to ya’ Williams!

On a lighter note, the good thing is that Christopher Williams is still doing what he loves for a living. He’s currently gracing the stage as part of the cast of “I Cheated So What” – a stage play that’s been getting solid reviews. For more info on that you can visit icheatedsowhat.com.