Amanda Seals Exposes How Floetry’s Marsha Dogged Her After Replacing Original Member

Posted On : August 14, 2017
Amanda Seales

Remember Amanda the Diva, the former MTV VJ from back in the day? Or maybe you remember her on Nickolodean’s sitcom, My Brother and Me. If not, you may recognize her from her new recurring role on HBO’s hit series, Insecure, which stars Issa Rae. If none of this is ringing a bell, no worries, because her story about her days as one half of Floetry is still interesting.

Amanda the Diva now goes by the name, Amanda Seals, and she said she had a tough time after replacing original Floetry member, Natalie Stewart a few years ago. Natalie and Floetry singer, Marsha Ambrosius, split up at that time and in an effort to keep the ball rolling with the group, Marsha decided to bring on Amanda, who is also a singer, rapper, and poet. Well that turned into a flat out disaster and Amanda blames Marsha for most of it.

Floetry Fans Did Her Dirty

Original Floetry members, Natalie Stewart (L) and Marsha Ambrosius (R)

In her recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Amanda told it all. She said that Floetry’s fans were so devoted to the original dual, that they had no desire to see that perfect combination tampered with in any way.

Amanda Seales: “There was just a certain level of dishonesty in terms of like, what I’m walking into. […] We went on the road and they didn’t tell the fans that Natalie had left…and I don’t look like Natalie. And so much of Floetry was about their look…the uniqueness of their look and here I come, this high yellow skinny b*tch…and it’s like ‘Who’s…who’s…who’s THIS?!!'”

She then talked about how the fans treated her dirty, stating that one fan at one of the shows “swiped” her ankle while she was on stage. At a show in D.C. when she was first introduced as the new member fans reacted with a vengeance:

“In D.C….at the start of the show, everyone had their backs to the stage, like, in protest of me.”

She Blames Marsha

Marsha Ambrosius and Amanda Seales

“My frustration with Marsha was that she did not take an active role in bringing me to the crowd with the love that she would have needed to show me, for them to show love. Like she had all the power to be like ‘Alright y’all, we’re Floetry but we’re different now…Natalie went her own way, but we’re still gonna keep the vibes going. […] “My theory is that they wanted me to quit, so that she could finish the tour as just, like, a ‘Marsha tour’ under the Floetry banner.”

Amanda On The “Shady Things” Marsha Ambrosius Did

Seales also revealed that unknown to Marsha and everyone else at that time, she and Floetry’s music director were already in a relationship long before Amanda joined the group. So she said that he would tell her what “shady things” Marsha was doing to her behind her back.

Marsha hasn’t yet responded to Amanda’s side of the story, but you can check out what else Amanda said about this at the 10:21 mark of the video interview below…