Amid 10th Anniversary Of Michael Jackson’s Death, Janet Finally Speaks About Assault Claims

Posted On : June 24, 2019

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It’s hard to believe that Michael Jackson has been gone for ten years, but it’s true. June 25, 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of his passing, and although he’s still facing multiple legal issues after his death, many still consider him one of the greatest artists of all time. Unfortunately, some have turned away from Jackson and his music, since new allegations of sexual abuse have surfaced.  However, one person who will never stray from her admiration for MJ, is his lil’ sis’ a.k.a. international superstar, Janet Jackson. She has primarily remained silent while her brother’s name has been dragged through the mud. Now, she’s ready to break her silence and remind everyone the power of his music and legacy.

Growing Up In The Spotlight

As we all know, Michael and Janet Jackson were extremely close and both shared the experience of growing up in the public eye since childhood. Though their careers were both mad successful, they stayed out of each other’s lanes. The two rarely performed together, but whenever they did it was always epic. Take, for example, their 1995 classic, “Scream.” The two siblings came together with a message and visuals that are still potent to this day.

There were always rumors of a friendly rivalry between them, but when it came to the music, it was all love.

Janet was visibly upset after Michael’s passing, yet wasted no time to give him a touching tribute during the BET Awards in 2009, just days after he passed at the age of 50.

Years later, that love is still apparent as Janet is coming to her brother’s aid once again. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Janet reveals that she isn’t concerned with whatever allegations are flying around. She believes in her brother and the impact his music has left on the world…

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