“Amistad” Star, Djimon Hounsou, Calls Out Ex Kimora Lee Simmons Over Their Son

Posted On : June 18, 2019

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When Djimon Hounsou and ex-supermodel, Kimora Lee Simmons, dated from 2007 to 2012, they seemed like the happy couple. Even after their break-up, they were the perfectly blended family, who smiled in family photos, along with Kimora’s new man, and her ex-husband/hip hop mogul, Russell Simmons.

We don’t know what went down between then and now, but it is very evident that Djimon is NOT feelin’ Kimora right now, and it has everything to do with their 10 year old son, Kenzo.

In the 1997 Amistad film, Djimon epically said “Give us, us free,” but fast forward to 2019 and he’s telling Kimora Lee Simmons, ‘Give me my child!’ Okay, maybe he’s not saying it exactly in those words, but he clearly drove home that point, without flinching, when he was randomly stopped by paparazzi recently.

Djimon Is Clearly Heated With Kimora…

Djimon Hounsou with his and Kimora’s son, Kenzo [Instagram]
A TMZ cameraman spotted him outside of a city building and politely asked Djimon how his Father’s Day went. Djimon cut right to the chase and indirectly called out Kimora, for not being able to spend that day with their son. He also added that he has not been allowed to even see him for quite some time:

“Would have been nice to see my son for Father’s Day. It would have also been nice if I could see him to talk to him, right? Like all fathers, right?”

Asked when exactly was the last time he’d seen his son, Djimon didn’t give a verbal answer, but held up 5 fingers instead…without much explanation. Then he stated, “I can’t even recall myself. How ’bout that?”

So, we’re not sure if Djimon was implying that he hasn’t seen his son in 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years, but whatever the case, he’s hella pissed about it.

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