An ANNOYED Keshia Pulliam Gets Defensive About Cosby In AWKWARD Interview

Posted On : April 2, 2016


Keshia Knight-Pulliam decided to rid herself of that sweet little “Rudy” persona and let the REAL Mrs. Pulliam-Hartwell (she just recently tied the knot) stand up once and for all. She defended her former TV daddy, Bill Cosby, against the sexual assault allegations he’s facing, after she was recently put on the spot on her podcast radio show, “Kandidly Keshia.”

It all went down when she was interviewing her radio guest, Amber Rose (a.k.a. Kanye West ex-girlfriend turned social media sensation/model).

Amber Rose
Amber Rose

Everything was cool until Rose randomly brought up the topic of Cosby as she was talking about how she felt women in general oftentimes get a bad wraps in society and voiced how much she dislikes it when folks “stick up for Bill Cosby.” Keshia eventually got agitated with Amber’s words and here is what happened when she cut Amber Rose off in mid-sentence to shut the negative Cosby talk down:

Amber: I really just think anything a man can do, we can do.’ And sometimes, you know, I get very frustrated when … I see guys call girls hoes, or when people like to stick up for Bill Cosby, like 52 women are…”

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Bill Cosby (Rudy and Heathcliff Huxtable)

Keshia takes a deep breathe and quickly talks over Amber…

Keshia: “Okay, let me just say this real quick, cause, you know, I feel you and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But, you know, we still live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty. And I understand everything that’s happened, and me being a feminist and believing women..I mean, ‘no means no’ and I get that.
But just so you know, I did work with him for a really long time, I love him dearly still, and that isn’t the man that I know. And another thing is…”

Amber then cuts Keisha off and retreats from bashing Cosby any further:

Amber: “I totally get it, I totally get it, 100 percent,’ she says. We’re going to have our own opinions about that … we don’t need to have to get into that, that’s fine.”

The most refreshing part of this whole situation is that Keshia finally has let the world see a very real side of her personality, if only for a 5 minute convo,’ it was still great to see her step outside of the cute, polite grown up Rudy role and into the regular human role with strong opinions just like the rest of us.

As far as Keshia’s views about Bill Cosby, do you think she did the right thing by standing up for him?