Angela Bassett’s Twins Are Way Older Now & She’s Just Made Son’s Dream Come True

Posted On : June 1, 2019

This Is Now…

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Bam! Told y’all that time flew by, ‘Father Time’ waits on NO-BO-DY! Today, Angela Bassett’s and Courtney B. Vance’s twins are 13 years old and look like a perfect blend of both of their parents.

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Bassett Makes Son’s “Dream Come True”…
Angela recently shared that son, Slater, is an aspiring rap artist. Therefore, the Black Panther actress is doing everything she can to support her son’s dream. That includes making one of his biggest ‘dreams come true,’ by taking him to rapper, Logic’s, concert to introduce him to the rapper he most looks up to. She shared photos and videos of the moment online…

In one Instagram post, Bassett shared video of son, Slater, meeting his “idol,” Logic. The intensity in her son’s eyes as Logic gave him words of encouragement and advice, said it all…

In another post, she boasted about how proud she is that Slater’s chosen to focus on positivity in his lyrics:

Proud of my son Slater following in @logic footsteps rapping about“ Peace, Love, and Positivity”!

Then they she and her son got their dance on at a concert featuring Pharrell, Gary Clark, and others:

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