Angela Winbush Has Very Surprising New Career That’s Totally Different From Her Singing Days

Posted On : September 29, 2017
Angela Winbush

ILOSM family, remember when Angela Winbush had us vibing to her melodic vocals in the late 80’s and 90s? She was originally one half of the group, Rene & Angela, then she broke off and did her own thing as a solo artist. Back in the day, we couldn’t get enough of her on songs like “Angel,” “You Don’t Have To Cry,” “Smile” and more.

Although everyone knew Angel was a helluva singer, she never got enough credit for her writing and producing skills. That was probably because she was a woman in a male dominated industry, which was pretty messed up. She was also known as the sexy wife of Ron Isley for 11 years, which she says also hindered her musical accomplishments, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

She filed for divorce in 2001. She says that most of her adult life involved Isley and that she let him be at the front, at the expense of her career. “What I did wasn’t the right thing for my career, but it was right for my marriage,” she says. She and Isley are still friends, she says.

Her Surprising Other Career

But now there’s one shocking fact that many of us didn’t know. It’s that today at 62 years young, the songstress has transformed into a minister! Yep, y’all read that right, Angela Winbush is preaching these days. And just so we know it’s real, check out the recent photo of Angela rockin’ her clerical collar a.k.a. the white collars reverends wear when preaching.

Rev. Angela Winbush

She Gets It From Her Daddy!

Ms. Winbush’s reverend reveal comes as a surprise to many of her fans, but preaching is actually in her blood. That was evident from her photo she shared of her Pops, Rev. Allen Lee Bush, who also wore his clerical collar as he smiled with his daughter for the their Instagram selfie…

Angela Winbush with her father

Still Singing Her Hits

Let’s not get it twisted, she is still a SANGIN’ somebody!  In fact, Angela performs her hits pretty regularly, so the good news for us Winbush fans is that we can still catch her in concert, gracing us with her angelic voice.

She’s A Survivor

Winbush’s life journey hasn’t been an easy one though. She revealed that she battled with severe depression after her R&B success. She also battled and overcame stage 3 ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in 2002, went through intense chemotherapy and thankfully, she’s been in remission ever since 2003.

These days, Angela Winbush is very grateful for what she’s overcome and the path her life has taken:

Via St.Louis Post Dispatch: “For me, the only reason I think I’m alive is so I could save other lives,” she says. “It’s not about me looking cute all the time. It’s about my life being spared so I can show people they can make it through a tough situation.”

Preach Ms. Winbush!

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