Angie Stone Reveals Her Secret To Snagging Younger Attractive Men…Like Her Exes

Posted On : July 21, 2021
Angie Stone

Singer, Angie Stone, 59, wants to make one thing very clear: when it comes to attracting younger ‘sex-symbol’ kinda brothas, she has no problems. As you already know, Angie Stone was once in a long-term relationship with the father of her child, singer D’Angelo, 47. There was another sex-symbol celeb’ whom Angie says was after her back in the day – Idris Elba, 48. Since then, she’s had a very public relationship with her younger now-ex fiance’, Ashanti [age unknown]. In a prior interview, Angie revealed why she thinks those type of fellas attract to her.

Angie: ‘Men Don’t Always Want Beyoncé Look-A-Likes’

In an interview with Madame Noire, the “Black Brother” songstress explained why she thinks men, like Idris and D’Angelo, are attracted to her instead of the “Beyonce types”:

Throwback photo of singers, Angie Stone and D’Angelo, with their son

Angie Stone- I would say that you know…most real guys are looking for someone that’s a good friend first. I think I’m everybody’s big sister and after they’re around me long enough, that sagittarius thing takes over and they get to know the inside of the person and they start to look at “She’s a beautiful sister” and I think that most of them are in love with the idea of…”She’s good people.” So I think that most of the handsome guys that should be running after the ‘Beyonce’s’ of the world, a lot of them just don’t wanna…you know…those are side chicks for guys, when you’re absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

I had Spoony G tell me one time ‘I don’t want no girl that’s too fine, because my head would be hurting all the time, I’d be stressed out, because these are the chicks that you know that everybody’s after. So you would get no peace.’ Now you get a normal, sexy chick like me that’s smart…that’s just average in the appearance, but above average in every other level. So I just feel like….not tootin’ my own horn, because there are more of me out there (meaning more people that look like me than not)…I think that these guys fall in love with a friend and it’s very easy to wanna kiss.

“I Wasn’t Really Checkin’ For Idris Like That”

And in case you missed our prior article, Angie says Idris Elba, was crushin’ on her big time back in the day. Here is what Angie said about what she felt…or rather, didn’t feel about Idris:

When Idris and I wrote that song [“I Wanna Thank You”], Idris was actually crushing on me and uh…the sad part of it is I wasn’t really checkin’ for Idris like that. He was like…you know, we’re very good friends, we had the same accountant, same manager and for a very long time, he made it very public that he was in love with Angie Stone. I had already been with D’Angelo and I don’t know whether it was these good looking guys just diggin’ Angie Stone, but we became very close, but not in that way.

Idris Was Attracted To Her, Says Angie

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On when she found out Idris was attracted to her:

So Idris actually did a treatment for a video for me and there was a song called “I Can’t Take It” that I did on one of my albums and…[he] was going to shoot the video – very beautiful, sensual treatment. And it was after that, that I found out how he was going on with about 20 of his homeboys about how “She doesn’t wanna, ya know…kick it with me.” And he’s a virgo and I’ve never been with a virgo, but the beauty of it is we’re very good friends and he did “I Wanna Thank You.”

Angie said that while they were shooting her “I Wanna Thank You” video, she almost caved in to Idris’ flirtations:

Uh, there is one weak moment that I have because I have a thing for beautiful teeth and uh…he came to the door and I opened the door and he was twirling this toothpick around in his teeth…and I fell on the side of the door like ‘Okay, what’s happening to me?!! LOL.’ And at that point I think I was diggin’ Idris, but I had already gone out there on a lem like ‘I would NEVER date Idris because he’s like my brother!’…so I had to stick to my guns. Do I regret it? Absolutely, LOL…cause he is FINE, but I don’t wanna seem like a chickenhead that’s hustlin,’ because it’s not that serious, but the one thing about it is I have the luxury of knowing is that he was diggin’ me.

Why She’s Glad She Rejected Idris

Angie Stone said she thinks Id’ is a handsome cat, but she’s grateful that she didn’t take him up on his offer, here’s why:

“I should have [kissed Idris], but I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve had my stint with one sex symbol of the world [D’Angelo] and it was not the greatest of situations.

Having been with mister [D’Angelo] and then having that fall apart…having to rebuild from the ground up because people seem to live in the shadow of that. I didn’t wanna know the headache like that- Idris is fine, Idris is a great actor, he’s rich and he’s famous, and for me that was a bit much.

Idris also said in another interview, that he likes “regular” women, not the Hollywood, glamm’d up type. So Angie obviously was correct with her characterization of some of the dudes in the entertainment industry. Angie is a beautiful woman and it would have been refreshing to see her and Idris as the ‘it’ couple back then (of course in his pre-married days, mind you), but everything worked out the way it as meant to be.

By the way, Idris has never publicly denied Angie’s account of what happened, so she’s probably telling the whole truth and nothing but.