Anita Baker Goes Off About Illegal Doings Against Her…

Posted On : February 11, 2015

Our 80’s princess Anita Baker started off 2015 with a bomb! Last month she turned to Twitter to go OFF about the music industry’s “illegal” practices against artists like herself and in a nutshell, she’s mad.In other words, many artists of her caliber are being treated like second-class citizens. So based on her Twitter rant, she’s apparently fed up with the nonsense and unfortunately this is a frustration that we hear all too often from artists of her caliber, but we’re glad to see her fighting back with a vengeance. She’s not one to bite her tongue that’s for sure.

She first went off apparently addressing the fact that she’s been approached to sell some of her songs. Here’s a tweet:

What a fast 30 years that was for our listening ears enjoying Ms. Anita. Wow! Glad she reminded us. It was 1985 when we first heard that RAPTURE album and two years earlier when he heard her sing “Angel”…but back to her tweets. She had a whole lot more to say on the next page…

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